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Demonstrations of the Elite Serbian Soldiers (VIDEO)

Date: 21th July 2015 | administrator

At the second manifestation "Vidovdanski sabor srbskih vitezova" for the first time participated operators of the Military Police Battalion of Special Purpose “Cobras” of the Army of Serbia, who on this occasion demonstrated part of their skills that...>>

Manifestation "Vidovdanski sabor srbskih vitezova 2015" Has Been Held

Date: 30th June 2015 | administrator

On Sunday, 28th of June 2015 , on the great Serbian...>>

"Cobras" Operators Will Participate at Manifestation "Vidovdanski sabor srbskih vitezova 2015"

Date: 24th Mar 2015 | administrator

Operators of the elite...>>

Arts and Sports:

Autors: brothers Delon i Daniel Stojanovic
NAUKA is a European style of fighting and comes from from Serbia. Its roots reach back almost 100 years now. Freedom and health...>>


Name: Vladimir Stevanovic
Title: Shidoshi ho
Veština: Ninđucu
Name: Delon & Daniel Stojanovic
Title: Senior Coaches

Clubs and Acc:

Name: Club "Bujinkan"
Place: Leskovac, Serbia
Art: Ninjucu
Name: Club "Ruma`s Knights"
Place: Ruma, Serbia
Art: Real Aikido-Method Ruma













































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