• Text Writers: Delon and Daniel Stojanović
  • Title: Senior Coaches
  • Website: NAUKA training




NAUKA trainings are led by the brothers Delon & Daniel Stojanović and represent 100% of concentrated family tradition!

Since their early childhood, they are concerned with martial arts. Their journey in this field lasts since the 1980s and led them through different styles from around the world. Now, they have deep experience and several degrees in various international methods of fighting.

They were always fascinated by European martial tradition, which they experienced as children by their family. They learned the family style, which is now known as NAUKA.

The brothers live and love their craft-they understand it very well to inspire other people and to help them in their training. They give their best to honour their family name, Stojanović-the steadfast.

For them, martial arts are not only to defend themselves physically, but also stand for lifelong learning, intellectual maturity and honorable behavior. The brothers devote themselves to research and develop NAUKA and teach it to professionals and civilians worldwide.

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