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Demonstrations of the Elite Serbian Soldiers (VIDEO)

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At the second manifestation "Vidovdanski sabor srbskih vitezova" for the first time participated operators of the Military Police Battalion of Special Purpose “Cobras” of the Army of Serbia, who on this occasion demonstrated part of their skills that are studied through the plan and program of training in the elite Battalion.

Elite Serbian soldiers demonstrated knives throwing techniques, as well as tactics of action of the group for VIP close protection when rejecting the attack and extracting VIP. Also, spectators could see demonstrations of combat usage of several types of cold weaponry and other tools, and most of the Cobras` demonstration related to the techniques of several martial arts such as aikido, judo, kick-boxing and others. Video can be viewed below:

The demonstration of the Serbian soldiers caused great thrill of the presented viewers at manifestation. Video:

In the second part of the demonstration viewers watched two of legendary instructors performing techniques of self-defence. Within the demonstration, instructor Jakovljevic [1], as an attacker, and professor Vukelic[2] as a defender, demonstrated defence against knife attacks, as well as in situations when attacker is armed with a handgun. Their demonstration can be viewed below:

Great experts, professors Jakovljevic and Vukelic clearly put everyone to know that age of life are just a number. Video:

[1] Instructor of the special physical training at Military Police Battalion of Special Purpose "Cobras".
[2] Professor Vukelic received at the end of this year`s manifestation a acknowledgment of the First Serbian Knight, that is awarded by organisers to prominent individuals.

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