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Demonstrations of the Serbian Special Forces Operators at Manifestation in the City of Ruma (VIDEO)

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Second part of the protocol of the manifestation "Vidovdanski sabor srbskih vitezova" was planed for demonstration of the Serbian Special Forces instructors and operators.

First walked in professor and experienced instructor of the Serbian "Cobras", Dusan Jakovljevic, in uniform with digital rural camouflage pattern M 10 of the national manufacturer Yumko. For the needs of demonstration professor used tanto knives of the national manufacturer and handgun Zastava M 57. He was soon joined by instructor Milan Vukelic "Vukela" in a very striking way.

On the video bellow you can watch the demonstration of the legendary instructors:

Then on tatami stepped out CTU duo. Operators of the Counter Terrorist Unit demonstrated high level of training in the segment of martial arts and self-defence. Their excellent coordination, speed and agility was evident while performing techniques of aikido and judo:

Operators of the SAU walked in right after colleagues from the CTU. Six operators in black overalls of the French GK Pro manufacturer executed techniques flawlessly:

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