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Elite Serbian Soldiers at International Sport Fair

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On 27th of November in Belgrade the Third International Sport Fair was opened. To the invitation of the city officials and fair organizers responded operators of the Special Brigade of the Army of Serbia, as well as operators from the Military Police Battalion of Special Purpose “Cobras”.

Visitors of the fair, along with high officials of the state and Army had an opportunity to see a part of the special gear of the elite Serbian soldiers, as well as to watch the demonstration of skills of the Serbian “Cobras”.

Attention of the visitors, especially ladies, attracted operators of the Battalion for Counter Terrorist Actions “Falcons” (Serb. Bataljon za protivteroriristička dejstva „Sokolovi“) who showed up in full gear. Elite “Falcons” in black uniforms were equipped with reliable assault rifles HK G 36 C in 5.56x45 mm NATO, as with submachine guns HK UMP in 9x19 mm Parabellum/Luger and HK MP5 A3 in the same caliber. Their primary was adapted to the needs of shooters by mounting red dot sights Aimpoint CompM4, vertical handgrips, tactical lights, and model HK MP5 A3 also head a suppressor mounted on the barrel. For secondary, operators chose reliable semi-automatic handguns HK USP SD in 9x19 mm Parabellum/Luger, holstered in holsters for lowered handgun carrying of the Safariland manufacturer.

Counter-terrorist operators of the Special Brigade of the Army of Serbia, along with colleagues and friends of the 72nd Reconnaissance Commando Battalion were socializing with visitors of the fair and politely answering their questions.

The most attractive moment definitely occurred when “Cobras”, led by an experienced instructor Dusan Jakovljevic, began their demonstration, in which partly participated Ministry of Defence himself, Bratislav Gasic.

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First stepped out legendary professor Dusan Jakovljevic, who demonstrated to the spectators elements of shado combat with tanto knives. Fast and brisk movements, exceptional flexibility and orientation in space advocate about high training and readiness of the professor who is within the battalion in charge of special physical training of the operators. At his command operators, after shorter warming up, began demonstration of the self-defence techniques of martial arts such as boxing, kick-boxing, judo and aikido, that can be applied while rejecting a knife attack, or during arrest of the person who is in active resistance.

Demonstration of skills of the operators of "Cobras". Video:

Within the presentation operators showed techniques of disarming the attacker and putting him under control. These are very risky moves in real conditions and can be effectively applied only in rare situations when the attacker is very close to the defender with his gun pointed out and the like. Visitors had a chance to see techniques of quiet approaching and neutralization of enemy guards, and excellent punching techniques of the operators were confirmed through tiles braking respectively.

At the end of demonstration, group for VIP close protection conducted a short simulation of an attack to VIP and their tactics while rejecting the attacker and extracting the VIP. These operators are highly trained for tasks and duties of this kind, and on this occasion they had to protect and extract Ministry of Defence himself.

For demonstration purposes, “Cobras” used semi-automatic handguns Glock 17 Gen 4 in 9x19 mm Parabellum, holstered in BLACKHAWK! Serpa Tactical Level 2 and 3, as well as SIG Sauer P 226, tanto knives of the national manufacturer, tonfa batons and other blades. Operators who did not participate in demonstration presented part of the gear and weaponry that is used in the Battalion: knee and elbows protectors and gun holsters from BLACKHAWK!, black two-pieced uniforms and tactical vests of the national manufacturer, helmets JOBE, and of primary weapon one could notice HK UMP in 9x19 mm Parabellu, with holo sight of the EOTech, tactical light Surefire and vertical handgrip Heckler & Koch.

Minister Gasic praised the level of training of the operators of Battalion, who also take care about his personal security and expressed gratitude for their arrival and demonstration at Fair.

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