• Country of Origin: Serbia
  • Date: first half of the 20th century
  • Text Writers: Delon and Daniel Stojanović
  • Website: NAUKA training




NAUKA is a European style of fighting and comes from from Serbia. Its roots reach back almost 100 years now. Freedom and health have always been the highest goods of man. However, since they are always in danger, we try to protect them. So it was in our history.

After our great-grandfather, Blagoje Stojanović, came home from the First World War, the young trader and adventurer led successfully his trade with wine. During this time he and his people traveled by horse carriages and by foot through the myriad roads, forests, mountains, taverns and ports in the Balkans and in Europe of the 20th century.

These trips were very dangerous and one could quickly become a victim of bandits, assassins and ruffians. After numerous attacks and the loss of some of his people, Blagoje developed a method to defend himself. He leaned on his passion for the old Slavic folk martial arts, the tactics of the Hajduk resistance fighters and his experiences from the war.

The style should work-against multiple opponents, in all positions, under any circumstances, with or without weapons. His strength he got from his faith, his life he protected with his fighting style, which at that time had no name yet. He passed his teachings to his son, our grandfather, who passed it after the Second World War to his sons, our father and our uncle. Thus, the style has been constantly evolving and was already notorious. In their time, under the Communist regime, there was a strict ban on martial arts. Only the military could train close combat. In order not to attract attention, but still continue their traditions, they met only secretly, chose their training partners very carefully and devised a code to speak of it: naša nauka - Our Science.

From this code derives the current name of the style-NAUKA. The manner of selecting members, we have maintained to this day. Fortunately, the training is no longer forbidden, but by that we make sure that not the wrong people are trained and there is respect among the group.

Beside all the hard proofs of life through which NAUKA led us, it always was and still is important for us to live like gentlemen. Honor and respect are the highest values.

So today we, the brothers Delon and Daniel Stojanović, take the proud tradition of our ancestors and share it with others so they can protect and enhance their lives.

NAUKA Logo-Bear Claw:

1. At some point someone said about the family: "These gentlemen are like bears. They go their own way, which you rather should not block."
2. In Slavic mythology, the bear is a very special animal, through its calmness and strength.
3. Our 5 solutions of a conflict concentrated in one direction (Conflict Communication Matrix)
4. The human body is symbolized by the large field. The claws represent the 5 weapons of the body – the legs, the arms and the head.

Through its focus on absolute reality NAUKA is always up to date concerning fight science. Inspired by life itself, the training guarantees readiness to ward off any kind of attacks. NAUKA is a sophisticated combat system, and works well where for others it is far too late. It works almost independent from the attacker type, time, environment or your own state.

NAUKA Facts:

- For centuries proven methods of European combat adapted for our time
- Constant evolution, research and numerous field tests
- 100% self defence for today
- Maximum security for dangerous times
- Cultivation of intelligence and instinct
- Special modules for different professional groups
- Functions as an update of your own innate protective mechanisms
- It is used by many people to keep them safe and is actively saving lives

NAUKA uses the traditional teachings of our ancestors and fits them right on for our age. To successfully protect against modern street violence, one must understand it first. NAUKA was born on the streets of Europe, knows the problems and puts them in a focused training. You better know the environment in which you move, because in this environment you will have to defend yourself! Street mentality is a world unto itself. It has its own languages, cultures, rituals and rules. Not in vain is such an environment called the "concrete jungle".

For a modern self defence method not only the fight is important! To survive in the conflicts of our society, NAUKA also teaches necessary resources, such as laws of self defence, types of civil courage, conflict resolution, self control, stress management, psychology, anatomy and much more.

Communication plays an important role to NAUKA, because through communication we send messages. This may be by occurrence (gestures and facial expressions), verbal (language) or physical (fight). At this point our NAPAD-fight plan comes in. Most fights do not start in a duel, but have a preparatory phase. In NAUKA, we distinguish five phases, which are classified by degree of danger:

Conflict Communication Matrix:

1. Prevention - Avoid potential conflict of places, prevention and preparation
2. Distance - Timely exit of conflicts, rapid escape, exploration of safer places
3. Occurrence - Self confidence and strong outside appearance
4. Language - Verbal de-escalation and necessary commands
5. Fight - Escalation and proper use of violence (worst case). NAPAD-fight plan

In this training, it is or not about bodybuilding or how many competitions you won, but about expansion of valour and to reach home safely at the end of the day.

NAUKA Program:

The list gives a rough overview of the NAUKA curriculum::

NAUKA Boxing
Methods of punching and kicking, Defence against punches and kicks, Use of the entire body, Inclusion of impacts, Counter methods, Force development

NAUKA Wrestling
Clinches, locks and chokes, Throws and takedowns, Releases from grab attacks, Pain Points, Ground fighting (grappling), Arrest and control methods

NAUKA Fencing
Using sharp, pointed and blunt weapons, Defence against weapons, Making weapons from common objects, Typical street weapons (historical and contemporary), Disarms, Body work for defence and attack

Conflict Communication
Conflict resolution (preparation, distance, appearance, language, fight), NAPAD-fight plan, Types of civil courage, Self defence laws, Scenarios and simulations, Defence against multiple attackers, Defence against firearm threats, Defence against surprise attacks, Fighting in different places and in different positions, Unfavourable conditions, Moving in urban terrain, Protecting other persons, From theory to full contact

Psychology of Combat
Mental preparation for stress, Motivating oneself and others, Fear and anger management, Street mentality and ritual behaviour, Dealing with threats and attacks, Manipulation of the opponent's psyche

Health and Fitness Training
Methods of breathing, Conditioning of the body, Flowing movement, Mental and physical relaxation of tension, Safety for trainings, Physical attributes

Traditional European Martial Arts
Styles of boxing, wrestling and fencing, Weapons, tactics & techniques, Fighting rituals, History of European Martial Arts, Traditional NAUKA Training, Connections to today

Extra classes for groups
For certain groups of people and professionals we have NAUKA extra courses ready to book. Our customers use extra classes for women, children, clubs, companies, security forces, police, military, choreography, anti-aggression.

NAUKA is ideal for security forces like police officers, law enforcement groups, prison staff and security personnel. It provides you with a sophisticated and practice-proven package of knowledge, which is in confrontations absolutely irreplaceable. The module is designed specifically for the needs of law enforcement work. One point is the conflict to protect yourself, but do not injure the suspect, which is unfortunately often neglected in training. Another focus is on access methods, providing maximum self protection, detention and teamwork.

For military forces such as soldiers or "contractors", NAUKA offers optimal solutions for crisis areas. This module includes methods of personal protection and close combat, also armed and in a team. NAUKA works with active experts in this sector and has already saved lives on duty.

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