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Manifestation "Vidovdanski sabor srbskih vitezova 2015" Has Been Held

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On Sunday, 28th of June 2015 , on the great Serbian holiday of Vidovdan, the second manifestation “Vidovdanski sabor srbskih vitezova” has been held in a sports hall in the center of Ruma.

Cultural-sport manifestation brought together significant number of participants from Serbia and region this year also, so within protocol participated choirs, cultural-artistic associations, as well as many martial arts clubs. This year, for the first time, as manifestation participants were operators of the elite Military Police Battalion of Special Purpose “Cobras” of the Army of Serbia.

Thanks to the effort of all participants, Vidovdanski sabor srbskih vitezova” as a manifestation second year in a row promotes values such as patriotism and tolerance and in particular, the importance of sport activities.
Organizers and hosts of this event were Real Aikido Method Ruma Club “Ruma`s Knights”, led by master Slobodan Ralic, and print office “Family”, led by Novica Todosijevic.

A part of the manifestation protocol was of educational character, particularly important for the youngest citizens who had the opportunity to watch demonstrations of different martial arts and sports, so kids can understand the right and healthy style of life and chose it.

This year`s program began with festive line-up of the participants and playing of the national anthem of the Republic of Serbia. It was very pleasant to see all the participants and spectators facing the national flag, especially little ones, who sang word of the Serbian anthem by themselves or with the help of their parents.

The first demonstration at this year`s manifestation carried out member of the Real Aikido Method Ruma club “Ruma`s Knights” who, along with their coach continue the tradition of the legendary master Ljuba Vracarevic. The youngest members of the club, listening to instructions of master Ralic, performed learned skills, greeted by viewers` applause. In ongoing, spectators had a chance to watch demonstrations of the Savate Club from Ruma, whose competitors for years achieve the highest results on international tournaments, then demonstrations of kick-box club RU 09 from Ruma, whose colors also wear top athletes. Members of the ninjutsu club Bujinkan from the city of Zrenjanin participated for the first time, as well as members of the karate club Gendarmerie. Two young members of this club, along with their coaches, demonstrated techniques boldly, sending a clear message that operators of the Gendarmerie can count on them as their colleagues in future. Attention of the spectators received competitors of the wrestling club Partizan from Belgrade, and at this year`s manifestation for the first Israeli Krav Maga was demonstrated. Viewers were able to see very logical and realistic self-defence techniques in different situations. Excellent demonstration was performed by members of the jiu jitsu club “Bezbednost” from the city of Sremska Mitrovica. Aikido techniques demonstrated, with the assistance of associates, Police Major Milan Pejovic, who is also a martial art instructor at Center for Basic Police Training (Serb. Centar za osnovnu policijsku obuku) in Sremska Kamenica.

Among special guests of the manifestation were Milos Golic from the Republic of Srpska, two-times word champion in K1, then the pilots of the 204th Aviation Brigade of the Army of Serbia, as well as officers of the IPA[1] from Romania and others. The presence of officials from Romania is one of the confirmation of the friendly relations between two countries.

The audience was definitely attracted by operators of the “Cobras”, led by legendary instructor Dusan Jakovljevic, who is in the elite Battalion in charge of special physical training of the operators. Elite soldiers for the purpose of demonstration wore overalls of the national manufacturer Jumko, with digital camouflage pattern M 10, which is adopted as standard in the Army of Serbia, and of the special gear one could notice holsters for lowered handgun carrying BLACKHAWK! Serpa Tactical Level 3, attached to the belts of the national manufacturer Hornet Group. For the needs of the demonstration, operators used semi-automatic handguns CZ 99 of the national manufacturer Zastava Arms, as well as Austrian Glock 17 Gen 4, both in 9x19 mm Parabellum and assault rifle Zastava M 70 AB1 in 7.62x34 mm, with mounted bayonet. In addition to firearms, “Cobras” demonstrated the use of tonfa batons, nun-chucks, short and long bats and tantno knives of the national manufacturer IMPA Zemun.

Thrust between long-time colleagues: instructors Dusan Jakovljevic and RR. Photo: I. Grubisic

The demonstration started with knives throwing into the wooden target executed by instructor RR. On that occasion, instructor Jakovljevic expressed great confidence in colleague, by standing behind, and then next do the wooden target. Knives were grouping in the central part of the wooden target, clearly demonstrating the level of training of the thrower.
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Then operators of the “Cobras” demonstrated tactics of the VIP close protection group in the case of an attack. On that occasion blanks were used to simulate the neutralization of the attacker. Tasks and duties of the close protection of VIPs, important items and objects are a significant part of the Battalion`s purpose. Taking care of the security of the highest military and state leaders is one of confirmations of reliability of Serbian “Cobras”, as well as of thrust into the operators of the elite unit of the Serbian Army. After that, operators demonstrated martial arts techniques such as aikido, boxing, kick-boxing, judo.

Serbian Military Special Forces demonstrated practical self-defence techniques that can efficiently be applied in real situations. Photo: I. Grubisic

Soldiers performed techniques in situations of defence against attacker equipped with a knife and firearm. During the presentation original tanto knives were used with sharp blades. Attractive to the spectators was breaking of tiles, as confirmation of well perfected punching techniques. Then, instructor Jakovljevic demonstrated combat use of the assault rifle, while experienced instructor Milan Vukelic, who was with 67 years the eldest participant, lowered from the upper hall`s construction by alpinist rope and started mutual demonstration with instructor Jakovljevic. Milan Vukelic, through his long instructor`s career, gained master titles of judo and jiu jitsu and trained over 4000 special force operators.

The presentation of the two legendary Serbian soldiers caused great thrill among viewers, their psycho-physical strength does not wane and is certainly a valid motivation to the young generations of Serbian soldiers to continuously improve in order to reach them and surpass them respectively.

The end of this year`s protocol was scheduled for appreciations and souvenirs presenting to all participants, which is at the same time invitation for the next year.

[1] International Police Association.

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