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Serbian Special Forces Operators Demonstrated Skills at Manifestation "Vidovdanski sabor srbskih vitezova 2014"

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On the great Serbian holiday of Vidovdan, for the first time a manifestation “Vidovdanski sabor srbskih vitezova” was held in the sports hall in the center of city Ruma.

Hosts and organizators of this cultural and sport event were Real Aikido Method Ruma club “Ruma`s Knights” (Serb. “Vitezi rumski”), print office “Family” (Serb. “Familija”) and Extreme Sports Club “”Griffin” (Serb. “Grifon).

At noon in the city of Ruma arrived operators of the Counter Terrorist Unit-CTU, Special Anti-terrorist Unit-SAU and Military Police Battalion of Special Purpose “Cobras” and were welcomed by the hosts. After short briefing about details and protocol of the upcoming manifestation, a joint lunch was organized, and then hosts and participants headed to the center of Ruma. Free time before manifestation`s start, operators used for socializing and taking photos with citizens who have gathered in larger numbers. As usually, operators were firstly approached by the little ones, and other citizens afterwards, among which a significant number of young ladies.

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The manifestation began with solemn assembly of all participants and playing and singing of the national anthem, and then an award of appreciations and souvenirs was carried out for all the participants. Within the first part of the protocol, masters of martial arts and sports, along with their students, presented their clubs and academies, as well as skills learned. A special attention and big applause were given to the youngest students who put great effort to show what they can. The protocol was enriched by members of the national cultural societies and their dancing and singing.

Then, with the decisive walk and solid stance on tatami set foot an experienced instructor of the Serbian “Cobras”, Professor Dusan Jakovljevic. Bowing to the organizers and spectators, professor began his dynamic demonstration of the “shado” combat with tanto knives that is used for developing coordination of movements, space orientation and overall agility. Demonstration of the professor was “interrupted” by experienced Milan Vukelic “Vukela”, who lowered with alpinist rope by Rappelling technique from the top construction of the hall. Instructor “Vukela” was also the oldest participant of the manifestation. The two experienced masters began their mutual demonstration of the techniques of self-defence in situations when attacker is armed with cold weapon or firearm, and many eyes full of respect followed their each move. At the end, two legends bowed and greeted the audience, and then professor Jakovljevic honoured everyone by hand walk in the entire length of the tatami which ended with his agile rejection of the ground and brisk salute. With a long and very loud applause two instructors withdrew of the tatami, and soon after came out operators of the CTU in black overalls of the national producer Mile Dragic.

Two “Griffins” within several minutes demonstrated self-defence techniques with bare hands, as well as ones in situations when attacker is armed with a knife, and finally techniques of disarming the attacker and putting him under the control. These and similar techniques are an integral segment of plan and program of training, and fast and coordinated movement of both operators showed their high level of training. During the demonstration operators used tanto knife of the national producer, and semi-automatic handgun Glock 17 Gen 3 in 9x19 mm Parabellum.

Demonstration of the SAU operators. Photo:

After CTU operators, on the tatami came out operators of the SAU, who, for the needs of demonstration, carried assault rifles AK 47 in the East German version, in 7.62x39 mm, semi-automatic handguns Glock 19 and Glock 17, both in 3rd generation, as well as tonfa batons. Six of operators in black executed attacking and defending techniques with assault rifles flawlessly, and afterwards demonstrated techniques of defending from one or several attackers at the same time.

At the very end of the manifestation protocol, viewers had the opportunity to see tactics of the group for VIP close protection of the team “Griffin Security” (Serb. “Grifon bezbednost”).

Socializing between operators of the CTU and youngest citizens. Photo:

Excellent organization of the manifestation enlarged great Serbian holiday Vidovdan, young fighters showed remarkable competitive spirit and mutual respect, while demonstrations of the Serbian Police Special Forces showed to the spectators that their security is constantly provided by very capable and highly skilled men.

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