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Destroying of Terrorist Group on Mountain
Deli Jovan

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In mid-2007, within preparations for a complex joint exercise in the field of the elite forces of the Serbian army and police “Danube Guard”, a complex joint exercise was organized entitled “Destroying of terrorist group on Deli Jovan mountain”. In exercise participated operators of the Serbian Gendarmerie of the MoI of the Republic of Serbia and operators of the Battalion for Counter Terorrist Actions “Falcons” (Serb. Bataljon za protivteroristička dejstva „Sokolovi“) of the Special Brigade of the Serbian Army. .

The main goal of this exercise related to the improvement of the synchronization of the actions of quick reaction forces while conducting counter terrorist actions, improvement of receipt of information, objective assessment of the crisis situations and quick making of decisions.

Tactical assumptions related to the infiltration of smaller armed terrorist group in the area of Deli Jovan mountain in eastern region of Serbia, near the city of Negotin, with intention to destroy TV repeater.

Through intelligence work in the field terrorists` positions were located, but their number remained unknown. Joint operational tactical headquarters decides to activate teams of the Gendarmerie and Battalion in order to destroy terrorist group utterly.

The field search precisely determined the position of the terrorist who occupied a complex of buildings at the base of the mountain. Tasks of reconnaissance were entrusted to sniping couples who took positions at several spots in the immediate vicinity of the building complex. Aggravating circumstances for specialists were high vegetation and tall trees surrounding the complex, along with high wall and gates, so ground teams were not able to properly gather intell about number of terrorists in the group and their positions within those buildings, their gear and weaponry, as well as if there are persons inside the complex held as hostages. Reconnaissance by air, using helicopter was not an option because it would reveal the presence of security forces and that could jeopardize lives of hostages if they were present.

Further reconnaissance discovered that terrorist organized a guard at several points around the complex and that guards are armed with assault rifles and communicate by verbal gestures and signals.

OT headquarters, according to available intell, made a decision to breach the complex, destroy terrorists, release hostages if are present, conduct a counter diversion inspect of the entire complex and crime scene investigation afterwards. The entire complex of building should surround to prevent the escape of terrorists, and medical groups, as well as supporting groups and military helicopter were on standby nearby.

Action of destroying the terrorist group. Video: specijalne-jedinice.com

By receiving order to conduct the attack, intervention groups started advancing from western and northern side of the complex, while sniping specialists provided support, armed with semi-automatic rifles Zastava M 76 of the national manufacturer Zastava Arms, with optic sight Zrak M 76, in caliber 7.92x57 mm. Precise shoots neutralized guards standing in front of the complex, so joint forces of the Gendarmerie and „Falcons“ stormed buildings of the complex. Using the element of surprise as advantage, operators armed with assault rifles Zastava M 70 AB1 in 7.62x39 mm and SMG HK MP5 A3 in 9x19 mm, began taking and clearing all the rooms in the complex. What followed was the short exchange of fire with terrorists, who were unable to organize defence and therefore retreated chaotically. Few of them tried to escape. By timely sending information to support forces a pursuit of the remaining terrorist was quickly organized, and an ambush was placed. On that occasion the helicopter took off to aid reconnaissance of the field, while crew maintained comms with ground teams continuously. Forces in pursuit, reinforced with K9s German Shepherds as attackers and trackers, had a task to force remaining terrorist to fall into the previously set ambush. On of them was captured alive, brought down by attacking K9 and soon placed under control.

Remaining terrorist were neutralized by joint fire of the operators at the edge of the forest where ambush was set.

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