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New Tactical Holsters Manufacturer
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Recently Serbian market of the specialist tactical gear became richer for one more brand. Company Horned Viper manufactures tactical holsters for various armament systems and magazines and is the first producer in Serbia that makes its products from the specific material kydex[1].

A team of aspiring experts decided to bring together high-quality foreign materials, which are for the needs of the company purchased directly from the USA, and perennial experiences and craftsmanship of the Serbian specialists, in order to customers in Serbia, Region, but Europe as well, offer high-quality and reliable in the first place tactical holsters of different purposes for handguns and magazines.

Deeming the significance of holsters of this type, as elements of the operators` gear, experts of the company Horned Viper invest great effort and significant resources so that constructions of their products meet the standards of secure carrying and simple usage at a very high level.

Some of models offered by the manufacturer. Photo: Horned Viper

About the seriousness of this team without any doubt speaks the fact they provide life-time guarantees for their products[2]. Besides, the company is trying to be competitive with their product prices as well, so a customer would have to pull an average of 50 Euros to purchase some of the holsters offered by Horned Viper. Customers` demands are met with holsters for concealed inner and outer carrying of ExDATH type, as well as holsters for inner concealed carry only of CCH and ExDCCH types. The constructions of these holsters allow tactical usage as well by changing of carriers.

At the moment offered are holsters for semi-automatic handguns in 9 mm caliber: CZ 99, CZ 999, Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 22, Glock 23, Glock 31, Glock 32, CZ 75 SP 01 Shadow.

Among magazine holsters, the company offers customers inner concealed carry holsters for one mag, holsters for two mags intended for outer concealed carry, as well as tactical holster for one mag.

Also, under a customer`s demand, it is possible to manufacture any of mentioned types of holsters to fit any magazine or handgun, and currently offered models can be modified to match customer`s preferences as well.

Interested can contact the producer anytime by e-mail.

[1] Kydex panels are superbly robust plastic material made of the special thermoplastic mixture of outstanding mechanical strength. The reliability of this material is supported by its wide use in modern medical equipment producing, as well as in the airline industry and modern architecture.
[2] If, of course, used in a usual way, according to their purpose.

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