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Semi-automatic precision rifles SIG Sauer 716 do not meet Czech Army standards

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Czech Ministry of Defence during the last year cancelled the order of the 238 semi-automatic precision rifles SIG Sauer 716 in 7.62x51 mm NATO manufactured in the USA.

The total value of the order went to 4.5 million US Dollars, and rifles marked as Precision Marksman had to be delivered along with day and night optic sights and other needed accessories planned to be provided by the known Czech manufacturer Meopta (Czech producer was also the subject of import of these USA-made rifles). It was deemed this contingent to replace older, Soviet made, SVD rifle series in use. The one-side contract termination was caused by noticed defections of the barrels which emerged during field tests in Czech Republic.

On the last-year August it was concluded that, according to the statement of the ministry`s spokesman, due to testing results, barrel quality standards were lower than claimed, that, therefore, lifetime of the barrels to be shorter than proclaimed by the manufacturer. Consequently, the final testing conclusion also stated the number of jams and other malfunctions was unacceptably high, therefore does not meet the standards of the Czech Ministry. The final contract cancellation occurred on the 26th of September.

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