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Macedonian Tigers Celebrated
34th Anniversary

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On March 1981 Special Tasks Department, organized during 1980 as a part of the Special Militia Sector, became fully operational and started carrying out given duties and tasks. During its establishment the unit will adapt its organization, purpose and work to the ongoing requests of the Republic of Macedonia and nowadays as a Special Task Unit is one of the most significant security elements of the state.

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On the 13th of May at Ilinden[1] barracks in the city of Skoplje, elite Special Task Unit (mak. Единица за специјални задачи "Тигар") marked 34 years of existence in the presence of high state and police officials, as well as friends of the unit from the country and region.

Within the barracks after opening ceremonies Macedonian “Tigers” demonstrated martial art techniques that are practiced within a special physical training of the operators and afterwards operators of the anti-terrorist group carried out tactical exercise with a hostage crisis by breaching into a closed building.

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Operators demonstrated techniques of aikido, judo as well as those practiced in the Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Viewers were able to see bare-handed defensive techniques from an armed attacker, as well as defense from multiple attackers simultaneously. Variety of techniques, as well as their proper demonstration confirm the quality of training that is planned and carried out in the elite unit of the Macedonian Public Security Bureau.

During the building breaching demonstration operators of the ATG were armed with German SMG HK MP5 A5 in 9x19 mm Parabellum, with red dot sights Aimpoint CompM3 mounted, tactical lights Surefire as well as bright blue conversions for FX Simunition 9 mm usage that are mounted on barrels. Secondary weaponry of the operators was consisted of semi-automatic handguns Glock 17 Gen 3 in 9x19 mm Parabellum. For the needs of ballistic protection operators were equipped with individual tactical ballistic shields of the Eurokompozit manufacturer

Anti-terrorist group of the Special Task Unit conducting the breach in the building. Photo:

which provide the IIIA protection level acc. NIJ 0108.01. The same manufacturer provided ballistic helmets that operators use. Those are standard ACH helmets in black color, made according to MICH design and provide ballistic (IIIA NIJ 0106.01) and fragment protection of the head. The breach itself was executed from coordinately from multiple directions providing the advantage to special forces over suspects who have taken several persons as hostages and barricaded inside the building. Yellow smoke signals marked the successful completion of the action.

Reliable gear of the operators. Photo:

After the exercise, while addressing to present, the Minister of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia Gordana Jankulovska (mak. Гордана Јанкулоска) praised the level of professional training and skills of the elite Macedonian policemen. Mentioning the merits of this unit in dealing with security threats during 2001, the Minister underlined Special Task Unit “Tiger” is consisted of true Macedonian patriots, capable to protect the citizens in any moment. Also, the Minister emphasized a significant purchase of specialized weaponry and gear will be undertaken, meeting nowadays standards. Significant investment into training infrastructure was also mentioned.

For the foremost operator of the Special Task Unit in 2014 experienced instructor T.S. was elected and as the best team in the previous year the one that participated for the first time in an international rescue mission on the territories of the Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

[1] In the same barracks the Special Operation Regiment of the Macedonian Army is organized.

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