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Triathlon of Special Purpose 2015

At the end of June 2015 a traditional tournament of the elite units “Triathlon of Special Purpose 2015” was organized within the training center of the famous Russian unit Vityaz (Russ. Витязь). This year the competition was attended by 20 teams from Russia, Belarus and Serbia and organizer of this year`s competition was a Russian decorated hero and former Vityaz commander, Sergei Lisjuk (Russ. Сергей Лысюк), who was also the host to the operators of the Counter Terrorist Unit-CTU from the Republic of Serbia.

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Competition of the Operators of the Elite Alpha Department

On the eve of 30th anniversary of the events in the Darul Amin Palace, at the end of 2014 within military training center in Alabino a traditional competition of the operators of elite Russian Department Alpha (Alpha Group) of the FSB was devoted to the brave “Alphas” who laid down their lives carrying out combat missions.

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Eighth Practical Shooting Competition of the Russian Spetsnaz

In April this year, near the Pesochny Village (Russ. Песочный), at the shooting range of the Nevski (Russ. Невский) Shootin Club eight consecutive practical shooting competition of the Russian FSB Spetsnaz was organized.

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Spetsnaz Teams Competition Honoring the 40th Alphas` Anniversary

In amid of the last month on the Moscow city territory an international competition was organized to mark the forty years from establishing the famous Russian Alpha Group, part of the present Alpha Department of the FSB Special Operations Center.

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Serbian Police Special Forces Participating the Triathlon of Special Purpose in Moscow

Earlier this month a Triathlon of Special Purpose was organized at the training center of the famous Russian counter-terrorist unit Vityaz (Russ. Витязь). Seventh in a row, the international triathlon was dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the Russian Alpha Group (the organizational part of the Alpha Department), as well as 90th anniversary of the famous Soviet Dzierzhynski Division.

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