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Celebration of the Day of Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, Day and Slava of the Police

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On 20 June, within the police training center Makis the Day of MIA and Day and Slava of the Police were celebrated.

The Day of the Serbian police is celebrated in memory of the events from June 15 to 17th 1862, when officers of the Serbian Gendarmerie bravely fought against greatly outnumber Turkish Army during the conflicts over Chukur Fountain, as well as during the successive bombing of the city of Belgrade.

Ballistic helmet Ops Core High Cut Carbine Colt M 4 A4 Commando in 5.56 mm caliber
This year`s ceremony began with the lining up of the police officers of the organizational units of the Ministry of Interior and playing the national anthem God of Justice, respectively. The parade of the officers was led by the Flag Platoon of the Serbian Gendarmerie, followed by the parade of the service vehicles, as well as service horses of the Cavalry Company of the Police Brigade. Viewers were captivated by the multi-purpose armored vehicles Lazar II, 8x8, of the national manufacturer Jugoimport SDPR, recently issued to the Gendarmerie, which is, according to the Police Law, organized as a special task police unit (Serb. posebna jedinica policije) under the Directorate of Police (Serb. Direkcija policije). According to the claims of the manufacturer constructions of these specialized vehicles are a combination of the MRAP (Minе Resistant Ambush Protected Vеhiclе) and MRAV-class (Multi Purposе Armorеd Vеhiclе) vehicles, and personnel transport capacity is limited to 12 officers, while the maximum speed on the road is 110 km/h. Right behind this contingent passed the contingent of the brand-made armored combat vehicles M-11 of the same manufacturer, also issued to the Gendarmerie. These vehicles can be effectively used when carrying out combat tasks, as well as tasks and activities of providing or reestablishing breached public order. Personnel capacity is limited to 8 officers, four of which are marked as essential. Primary armament of the vehicle is remotely controlled combat station with heavy 12.7 mm machine gun (effective range up to 1500 meters for air targets and up to 2000 meters for ground ones) and fire control system consisting of a TV camera with zooming option, thermal vision camera and laser rangefinder. Maximum road speed of the vehicle is 100 km/h. Behind Gendarmerie`s vehicles passed the contingent of the Special Anti-terrorist Unit-SAU, which was enforced with specialized HUMMER vehicles, after ratifying the new police systematization. On the platforms within armored turrets of these vehicles heavy 12.7 mm Browning machine guns, as well as automatic grenade launchers Zastava M 93 30 mm could have been seen. Operators of the First Specialized Unit of the Serbian Gendarmerie passed driving specific terrain vehicles Quads, followed by officers of the Traffic Police, Intervention Unit 92, Sector for Emergency Situations, respectively, while above the center helicopters of the Helicopter Unit flew.


Operators of the SAU during the celebration. Photo:

Shortly before the tactical exercise in the central area of the training center, martial arts demonstrations were performed by the students of the Police Academy and Gendarmerie operators, respectively. Present citizens and state officials could have seen defensive techniques in various situations when the attacker is armed with a cold weapon or firearm, dangerous item, as in the case of simultaneous attack from multiple attackers. These techniques are taught and practiced within the special physical training and are of the great practical and psychological importance due to strengthening the one`s character, especially one`s confidence, determination and the like.

Hostage Rescue Exercise

The most dynamic part of the celebration was a tactical exercise of the operators of the Special Anti-terrorist Unit. According to the exercise scenario, on the territory of the capital city Belgrade terrorist attacks occurred and a public bus with passengers was hijacked successively. Command Operational Headquarters deemed the situation and concluded to activate anti-terrorist groups of the SAU in order to release all the hostages, arrest or destroy the terrorist group. Quick arrival of the special forces to the crisis area was realized using the helicopter BELL 212. Fast descent using the climbing rope was realized through a Dilfer technique and covered by a sniper specialist from the other heli, armed with a semi-automatic rifle SIG Sauer 716 in 7.62x51 mm NATO with KAHLES optic sight.

Six specialists of the ATG demonstrated skills in an excellent manner and confidently descended from an attitude of 35 meters. After taking ground positions six-member ATG had a task to merge with the rest of intervention force and prevent the advance of terrorist using the hijacked bus. Attacking forces were organized in five vehicles from which two were combat-armored vehicles M 11 with the task to block the bus and prevent a withdrawal. Intervention forces stormed the bus through simultaneous breaches through the windows using explosive frames and climbing platforms. On these polystyrene frames, as a rule, a small amount of explosive is placed which detonation is controlled via button at the end of the rod on which the frame is mounted. These frames are used for breaking the windows on buildings and vehicles. The dynamic breach was executed quickly and effectively, thus the crisis was resolved in seconds.


Operators of the ATG SAU demonstrate dynamic breach into the hijacked bus. Photo:

For demonstration purposes operators of the SAU wore black overalls of the French manufacturer GK Pro. The armament consisted of the semi-automatic handguns Glock 17 Gen 3 in 9 mm Para caliber, and for the head protection ballistic helmets Ops Core in black were used. Fragment protection of the eyes was enabled by ESS tactical glasses glazed with black panes.

The second part of the exercise was realized by Fire-Rescue units of the Ministry of Interior. According to the exercise scenario, during the exchange of fire with terrorist a fire started in the hijacked bus. At the scene fire-rescue groups arrived, localized and extinguished the fire respectively, using the S apparatus and sprayed water squirt. Satisfied citizens and state officials praised the participants of the exercise with a loud applause.

Technical and Tactical Assemblages

In another part of the center technical and tactical assemblages of the police units were organized. Attendees had the opportunity to see a part of the equipment used in Gendarmerie units, as well as in Special Anti-terrorist Unit.

Operators of the Gendarmerie exhibited part of their weaponry and special gear, so the visitors could have learn about construction features of the semi-automatic handguns such as domestic CZ 99, Swiss SIG P-220, Austrian Glock 17 Gen 3 and others. Exhibited were submachine guns and personal defense weapons, assault and precision rifles of various manufacturers. Units of the Gendarmerie have reliable models like the US carbines Colt M4 A4 Commando in 5.56 mm, then rifles based on the Kalashnikov system, as well as reliable Steyr Tactical Elite rifles in .308 Winchester with the bolt action system and bullpup anti-materiel rifles Barrett M 95 in a powerful 12.7x99 mm NATO (.50 BMG) caliber.


Operators of the First Specialized Unit of the Gendarmerie. Photo:

Operators of the Diving Unit exhibited a part of the gear used for carrying out assigned activities: neoprene wet suits ScubaPro in Everflex 7/5 mm models, as well as diving vests of the same producer, Arctic Spiro regulators, ScubaPro MK 20 and MK 25 models too, tanks 15-18 liters from Mares and other equipment.

Operators of the Special-antiterrorist Unit exhibited the similar configuration of gear and weaponry used in the unit. Visitors could have learn about semi-automatic handguns CZ 75 SP 01 Shadow in 9 mm caliber, assault rifles SIG Sauer 552 Commando in 5.56 mm caliber, tactical shotguns Benelli M 4 Super 90 and M 3 Super 90, as well as Mossberg M 590, all in 12/76 Magnum gauge. As for the precision rifles, visitors were attracted by Finish Sako TRG 22 in .308 Win and Sako TRG 42 in .338 Lapua Magnum, all with bolt action system. For the requirements of precision shooting, operators of the SAU use these rifles in a configuration with the optic sights Schmidt&Bender Police Marksman II 3-12x50. Exhibited were reliable Blaser R 93 Tactical LRS 2 in .223 Remington with Schmidt&Bender 3-12x56 optic, as well as elements of the diving, mountain climbing, medical and breaching equipment.

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