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Serbian Police Special Forces Socializing With the Citizens of Ub and Valjevo

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On September 26 2015 head officials of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia organized a social event attended by the officers of the Serbian police and citizens of Ub and Valjevo within the project “Policeman in Community”.

During the morning operators of the Counter Terrorist Unit, Gendarmerie, Police Brigade as well as officers of the Emergency Situation Sector-firefighting, in concrete fire-rescue units, arrived at the city square of Ub. Colleagues from Belgrade were welcomed by the policemen of the Valjevo Police Department, as well as city officials.

Ballistic helmet M 05 S Ballistic vest Top Universal SMG HK MP5 A3
After short reception and preparations, the event began with the parade of the Serbian policemen, led by a Gendarmerie operator carrying the national flag. After the arrival to the city square and lineup, citizens were able to socialize with policemen.

Among present citizens there were lots of children who showed great interests in service dogs. Dog handlers of the Police Brigade showed German shepherds and citizens were able to see service horses of the Cavalry Company of the Police Brigade. Operators of the Counter Terrorist Unit exhibited specialized vehicles HUMMER and demonstrated attractive self-defense techniques. Two operators of the CTU demonstrated bare-handed defensive techniques against an attacker, as well as those in situations when the attacker is armed with a cold weapon, firearm, or other dangerous items. For the purpose of demonstration operators wore black overalls of the Mile Dragic manufacturer in Tactical One cut and used semi-automatic handgun Glock 17 Gen 3 in 9 mm, assault rifle AK 47 East German version, in 7.62x39 mm caliber, as well as real tanto blade IMPA Zemun and TONFA baton.
Operators of the CTU during great floods in May 2014 along with officers of other police and Serbian military units were providing great help and assistance to the citizens of Ub, and wished today to meet them in comfortable situations in the future.
After the demonstration present citizens, mostly children, used a chance to take photos with the CTU operators.

After Ub, police officers headed to the city of Valjevo and gathered at the Square of Desanka Maksimovic[1]. On this occasion operators of the CTU expanded their demonstration, so “Griffins” organized in pairs demonstrated attacking kick box techniques, judo moves and already mentioned demonstration as well.


Details from the demonstration of self-defense techniques carried out by operators of the CTU. Photo:

In addition, two specialists showed up in full combat gear, which attracted attention of many citizens who used this chance for taking photos. Dressed in black overalls GK Pro operators wore ballistic helmets M 05 S of the manufacturer Mile Dragic, as well as ballistic vests Top Universal of the same producer. As for the personal armament operators brought SMG HK MP5 A3 in 9x19 mm, with Aimpoint CompM3 mounted sights, vertical handgrips UTG, as well as handguns Glock 17 Gen 3 in the same caliber, holstered in leg pistol holsters BLACKHAWK! Serpa Tactical Level 2.

[1] Famous serbian poet, born in Brankovina, near the city of Valjevo.

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