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CTU Team Took First Place in the Long-range Shooting Competition in Miokovci

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On the occasion of the Veteran Day of former 63rd Parachute brigade[1] an exhibition competition in long-range shooting was organized, hosted by the 63rd Parachute Brigade Veterans Association and newly formed shooting club Veterans of the 63rd. The competition was carried out on the 27th June at the range of the company Sloboda from the city of Cacak.

This year long-range shooting competition was organized within the traditional Vidovdan Gathering of the 63rd PB veterans which is organized annually.

The shooting was classified according to F-class propositions, with stationary round targets 500 mm in diameter, at 500 meters distance and was related to team and individual shooters` ranking. Regarding the shooting standards, hosts set the following rules:

-shooting to be conducted in a prone stance placing a rifle on a bipod or soft pad
-the shooting rifle not to be equipped with a muzzle brake
-spotter allowed to assist shooter only in a trial shoot

Preceding the match was a trial shooting to one target lasted for 10 minutes at which competitors were not band by the amount of bullets allowed to shoot, so that shooters could be able to complete 4 series with 10 bullets each and time limit for every serie was set to 10 minutes. To compete in a team category CTU team applied, along with team Zastava Development, Zastava Control, The First Partizan Uzice, the Veterans of the 63rd Parachute Brigade shooting club team, as well as team Veterans of the 63rd Parachute Brigade, 4 shooters each.

The match kicked off during the morning and climate conditions were in favor to shooters. Snipers of the CTU team were shooting with Finnish rifle Sako TRG 42 with bolt action system in .338 Lapua Magnum caliber with optic sight Schmidt&Bender Police Marksman II mounted.

The first place took the CTU team, the second went to Zastava Development team, the third to the team of the shooting club Veterans of the 63rd Parachute Brigade.
At other shooters rifles such as Remington 700 series, also with bolt action system, could have been spotted, along with other models. The total team ranking was given by summation of the total scores of all shooters of each team.

After the match a promotion of the new project of the national manufacturer Zastava Arms from the city of Kragujevac was organized. The exhibited project related to the precision rifle construction claimed to be developed primarily for the requirements of airborne troops, as well as units for special operations.

The result announcement for the long-range shooting competition as well as rewards handing were organized in the Ovcar Resort, within the camp of the veterans of the famous military airborne unit, which was honored for outstanding merits during the conflicts in Kosovo and Metohija with the National Hero Medal [2] as well as the Medal of the War Flag[3] later on.

[1] After the sistematization from September 2006 63rd Parachte Brigade became an element of the newly formed Special Brigade as a battalion ranked unit and operate nowadays as the 63rd Parachute Battalion of the Special Brigade of the Serbian Army.
[2] In October 1999.
[3] In June 2000.

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