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Training Display on the Visit of the Rosgvardia Delegation

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At Ministry of Internal Affairs Training Center “Kula”, on Friday June 8, a display of operational capacities of the specialist and regular Serbian Gendarmerie units was carried out, on the occasion of the official visit of the Federal National Guard Troops Service of the Russian Federation, led by Lieutenant General Sergei Melikov.

On the occasion Russian colleagues were hosted by Gendarmerie officers and officials, along with the commander of the unit, Police Colonel, Goran Dragović. The display was participated by around 100 police officers of the Gendarmerie detachments of the city of Novi Sad and city of Niš, who successfully completed five demonstrations.

Within the first part capacities of the multi-purpose armored vehicles 4x4 M11, M15, as well as armored transporter 8x8 Lazarus III were presented, especially their off-road maneuvering capacities. The mentioned vehicles, used at Gendarmerie units, are being manufactured by national producer Yugoimport SDPR.

Shortly after, specially trained gendarmers of the Novi Sad Detachment Specialist Unit demonstrated VIP close protection group and Contra Assault Team tactics. The display was conducted using live ammo.

According the tactical suppositions, within the next display a terrorist cell was detected, that had occupied a building and set up a defensive perimeter[1]. In order to resolve the crisis, one anti-terrorist group was activated, grouping Novi Sad Detachment SPU`s operators. After the immediate area around the improvised building was blocked, twelve ATG operators carried out a dynamic assault into the “building”.

ATG operators disembarking the armored transporter. Photo:
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On the same occasion, tactical use of an attacking K9, Belgian shepherd malinois, was presented. ATG operators used live ammo, picking semi-auto Glock 17 Gen 3 9 mm handguns for this display, compact HK MP5 submachine guns, in A2 and A3 versions, also in 9 mm, as well as Mossberg combat shotgun. All the operators wore two-piece tactical uniforms in Ranger Green color shade, produced by Yumco AD, in Dragon Tactical cut, which were introduced to a service use at Gendarmerie units at the end of 2017. Gear loadout included plate carriers Shark, produced by Mile Dragic, along with tactical belts and MICH 2002 ballistic helmets, of the same manufacturer.

During the display flow, confidence and dexterity of the operators advancing, covering perimeters and armament carrying were easy to notice. Special forces were proficiently adapting weapon carrying techniques to the present environment, combining low and high ready.

In addition, innovations, tactics, customs of the colleagues from abroad are always to be monitored and their possible implementation evaluated.
One of the versatile operators explains this with their strive to think out of box and not to fall under rules and patterns, so that one can have the opportunity for individualization to a certain level on one side, and on the other, tactics to adapt to every situation in particular as much as possible, because none is the same.

Shortly after the terrorist cell was “destroyed”, an attractive and complex display was carried out involving an assault on the enemy`s communication center, executed by a 6-member anti-terrorist group and sniping specialists, also with live ammo.

The use of quads when arriving at the venue. Photo:
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Six-member ATG arrived to the “crisis venue” using 4x4 quads motorbikes, with a multi-purpose combat-armored vehicle providing support from the rear. For primary operators of this group chose Colt M4 A4 Commando 5.56 mm systems, with Aimpoint CompM3 red dots, along with CAA FGA assault handgrips with CAA TC1 tactical lights fitted. Snipers were covering the advancing group, by engaging still targets in the immediate vicinity of the ATG engagement. Confident maneuvering of the ATG operators confirmed their exceptional confidence, training, as well as thrust in their colleagues, who engaged targets out of various positions and distances, using SIG 716 7.62×51 mm NATO systems, as well as Steyr Tactical Elite .308 Winchester ones.

At another shooting range inside the Training Center operators of the Niš Gendarmerie Detachment Specialist Unit demonstrated a dynamic breach tactics into an improvised object, also using live ammo.


A detail from tactical-technical assemblage. Photo:

After all displays were completed, the members of the Russian delegation and Gendarmerie officers visited certain areas of the training center, as well as tactical technical assemblage, respectively. The guests were particularly interested in the automatic 30 mm grenade launcher system Zastava M93, Zastava M84 light machine gun in 7.62×54 R mm, as well the inside of the Lazarus III transporter.

The present were briefly addressed by General Melikov and Colonel Dragovic, expressing the satisfaction under the visit, hospitality, displays of the operators, emphasizing that services of the two friendly countries must continuously improve their cooperation.

[1] Improvised building was organized within a so-called tire city, inside the Training Center.

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