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Operators of the elite Military Police Special Operation Battalion “Cobras” are perfecting demonstrations planned for execution within the ceremony honoring the 40th anniversary of the Serbian eldest military counter terrorist unit.

At Military Academy area in Belgrade, specialists of the Serbian Armed Forces are sharpening several very attractive demonstration through which will present a part of their operational capacities. Although they are highly versatile and experienced professionals, daily practice is a common one, because of the very high expectations, and 40th[1]. jubilee certainly amplifies the need for everything to be executed impeccably.

More than 20 operators participates the demonstration themed as “Assault on a Occupied Building and Hostage Crisis Resolving”. It is being deemed demonstration to be carried out synchronically from multiple directions, by demonstrating tactics of the ground assault teams, climbing group, fast rope air insertion, as well as using light-armored vehicles of the Serbian Armed Forces.


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During preparations elite operators used formational gear and armament, plate carriers in black, produced by Hornet from the city of Novi Sad, Serbia, as well as recently introduced, two-pieced Cobra Tactical uniforms, manufactured by Yumco A.D, from the city of Vranje. The same producer provided balaclavas, while eye protection was ensured using Revision Bullet Ant Tactical goggles. For the demonstration operators chose compact HK G36 Commando rifle systems, in 5.56 mm, with Aimpoint CompM3 red dot sights mounted, along with semi-auto Glock 17 Gen 4 9 mm handguns.


A detail from the preparations. Photo:

Another two demonstrations are planned involving around 30 operators, who are going to demonstrate tactics when assaulting a passenger vehicle and arrest of suspects, as well as tactics of a VIP close protection group and escort, in the case of an organized attack on a VIP. Within the first one, specialists will demonstrate a very interesting and thrilling tactics during the vehicle assault,


whilst in the second one versatile retainers will, among others, demonstrate the use of a ballistic purse, CAT tactics, extraction of the escort and main vehicle from the attack venue etc.

[1] On April 14th 1978 under the order of the federal secretary of defense Military Police Counter Terrorist Department was established in Belgrade, within the 282nd Military Police Battalion of the former Yugoslav People's Army.

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