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A New Spot for the Fans of Shooting, Archery and Martial Arts

In Belgrade soon will be open Tiron Club where fans of firearms and tendon weaponry, as well as martial arts, will be able to practice sports shooting, archery and elements of self-defense and martial arts in a superbly adapted surroundings.

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Military Parade Has Been Held in Novi Sad

On October 22 in the city of Novi Sad at Belgrade Quay a Military Parade has been held honoring the 72nd anniversary of the city`s liberation in the Second World War. The most dynamic part of the manifestation, attended by the highest state officials, Church officials, foreign military representatives and many citizens, was a tactical exercise on the water surface carried out by the units of the River Flotilla, as well as operators of the Special Brigade of the Army and Air Force of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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Twentieth Shooting Rally Has Been Held

On October 15 at Gradac range, located on the territory of the Pantelej Township of the city of Niš, a traditional competition Shooting Rally was held by the Safari Club.

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Celebration of the Day of Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia, Day and Slava of the Police

On 20 June, within the police training center Makis the Day of MIA and Day and Slava of the Police were celebrated.

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Serbian Police Special Forces Socializing With the Citizens of Ub and Valjevo

On September 26 2015 head officials of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia organized a social event attended by the officers of the Serbian police and citizens of Ub and Valjevo within the project “Policeman in Community”.

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CTU Team Took First Place in the Long-range Shooting Competition in Miokovci

On the occasion of the Veteran Day of former 63rd Parachute brigade an exhibition competition in long-range shooting was organized, hosted by the 63rd Parachute Brigade Veterans Association and newly formed shooting club Veterans of the 63rd. The competition was carried out on the 27th June at the range of the company Sloboda from the city of Cacak.

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