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That by rightly designed plan and program of physical training physical strength and plyometric or elastic strength can be increased, to the one`s natural limits, regardless one`s height or present weight and body composition. Only after optimizing these two types of strength that are being expressed when performing different voluntary motions and connecting different energy processes in the body, it can be stated one has built a functional body as well as superb physical readiness. For instance, if one achieves excellent performances when benching, or squatting with weights, it is clear one`s physical strength is at a high level. But, if the same individual achieves significantly lower results when performing moves such as long jump, vertical jump, box jump or other fast, explosive voluntary movements, it is clear one`s reactive strength is hammered, meaning one`s current plan and program of training is not optimized. Deeming through numbers this would mean the following:

-Person A, weights 80 kg, with the best result (1 RM) when performing a squat at 180 kg, while the best vertical jump (in 0.2 second) at 90kg,
-Person B, also weighting 80 kg, with the best result (1 RM) of 135 kg at squatting, while the best vertical jump (in 0.2 second) is 102 kg.

In the end, Person A is physically stronger, but develops and outputs force slower, therefore achieves lower results at explosive voluntary movements. Ideally trained person of the same body weight should achieve the following: 180 kg at squatting and 145 kg at vertical jump.




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