Serbian Ministry of Defence delegacy visited the Mi-35M helicopter company Rostvertol, in the city of Rostov, Russian Federation, where Mi-35M attack helicopters are being produced.


The delegacy members with the soldiers from the Serbian Armed Forces Air Force and Air Defence. : Ministry of Defence

During the visit the delegacy attended a test flight, along with a static display of four Mi-35M attack helicopters, all of which are to be delivered to the Serbian Armed Forces at the end of this year.

According to Major Dobrosav Drndarević, commander of the 714th Anti-Armor Helicopter Squadron from the city of Kraljevo "We get much, both in technical and technological terms and now are finally able to carry out given tasks and jobs, which is combat engagement in day and night and in complex meteo conditions."

We are getting an improved protection level, because the heli is armored-main systems, motor, rotor, as well as the cockpit itself and pilots are fully protected.

Major Drndarević underlines that this system is primarly intended for AAC (anti-armor combat), but is also up to a myriad of other tasks.


The Mi-35M attack heli. : Ministry of Defence

Captain Miloš Milošević is also full of praises "Systems are new, more demanding, more advanced, but also more reliable, bringing lots of novelties to us... therefore, we are in business."

Minister Vulin: "Vučić’s Flying Tanks", Ministry of Defence. URL (8/16/2019).


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