Police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) organizational units presented a part of operational capacities to the students of 19th and 20th class of the Basic Police Training Center, at Ministry of Interior Kula Training Center.


The specialists during an improvized building breach and room clearing. :

On Friday June 21, students and the highest Ministry officials had the opportunity to watch a part of operational capacities of the police officers of the Special Anti-terrorist Unit (SAU), Gendarmerie, Police Brigade, Traffic Police, Intervention Unit 92 and VIP and Infrastructure Protection Unit.

We had a privilege to attend the rehearsal of the specialists of the Novi Sad Gendarmerie Detachment and SAU one day earlier, on June 20.

Police officers of the Novi Sad Detachment practiced two exceptionally dynamic demonstration for the occasion, suspects arrest by breaching into a “building”[1], as well as by storming a bus.

The first demonstration, the breach into the improvised building, was practiced with two combat-armored vehicles 4×4 M-11 and M-15, produced by the Yugoimpord SDPR Public Company, along with multi-purpose 8×8 vehicle Lazar 3, as an armored transporter. The immediate blockade of the building with suspects was carried out by the crews of the two combat-armored vehicles, simultaneously covering the advance of the armored transporter out of which assault forces disembarked rapidly. Twelve special forces operators were divided in two teams, advancing as groups of three, meaning one shield bearer for every two operators. Two sniping specialists, organized as a sniper pair, covered the attacking forces in advancing, by engaging the static targets using systems: semi-auto SIG 716 in 7.62×51 mm NATO with KAHLES K-312 3-12×50 optic sight, as well as bolt-action Steyr SSG 08-A1, in .338 Lapua Magnum caliber and KAHLES K624i 6-24×56 optic mounted. An attack K9, of Belgian Shepherd Malinois breed, was used during the practice which, undistracted by shots and pyrotechnics, on the handler`s command, agilely ran into an improvised premise and attacked the suspect. On the occasion specialists used live ammo whilst engaging the stationary targets within the Tire City.

Watch the exclusive preparation video on our YouTube channel .

Suspect arrest on the hijacked bus was practiced using a very interesting tactics that was, of course, adapted to a certain point to the circumstances of the upcoming demonstration. Firstly, bus driver was cut out and become stationary, in order to allow the dynamic storming and suspect arrest. Two specialists using 4×4 quad broke the window glass using an explosive frame mounted on a telescopic rod, which was especially attractive to watch. With a fast approach to the bus, the specialists succeeded to mount the breaching platform over which one group stormed, exceptionally well.

For the occasion of practice and demonstration gendarmes used the formation gear and equipment, whilst the demonstration itself was an opportunity for the present to see the new ones, recently introduced to service. All the gendarmes wore two-pieced tactical uniforms, manufactured by Yumko AD, in Dragon Tactical cut, in monochromatic shade of green, named Ranger Green, MICH 2002 tactical helmets in the same color, produced by Mile Dragic, and the same company provides SHARK ballistic body armors, worn on the occasion. All the operators wore black LOWA Zephyr GTX Mid Task Force combat boots, all of which were delivered to the Ministry of Internal Affairs during 2018, by Horus Ltd, the official dealer of LOWA models for the Republic of Serbia. The operators are exceptionally pleased with these, emphasising the ergonomics, delivery of masses and ventilation system as the most positive features. For the occasions, operators used various firearm systems.


During the breach demonstration, the operators worked in groups of three. :

During the first practice operators engaged the targets with HK MP5 submachine guns, in A2 and A3 models, both in 9 mm caliber, semi-auto Glock 17 Gen 3 handguns, also chambered in 9 mm Para, along with tactical shotgun Benelli M4-A1, in 12 gauge caliber, with a telescopic stock and mechanic sights with tritium optic fibers tubes in green (the rear sight) and red (the front sight) color. As of the rifles, systems Colt M4 A4 Commando and SIG 516 CQB were used, whilst the latter ones were recently introduced at Gendarmerie Specialist Companies. Those are very reliable and high-end automatic rifles produced by the well-known SIG Sauer company, chambered in 5.56 mm NATO, with a shortened barrel length of 254 mm (10 inches). The systems were delivered with polymer Magpul PMAG 30 AR/M4 Gen M2 MOE Window magazines.


A detail from the SAU operators` demonstration. :

Six operators of the Special Anti-terrorist Unit (SAU) practiced and executed a dynamic demonstration with the Helicopter Unit of the Ministry. Firstly, the specialists carried out a fast rope insertion on the top of the building and performed various urban climbing techniques, descending from the building`s top, while the three of them carried out a vertical breach through a window, using an explosive frame on a detonating fuse stick.

On the demonstration day, students and Ministry officials were able to see tactical-technical assemblages of the organizational units.

[1] So-called Tire City at the city was used for the occasion.

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