Within the Joint Strike 2018 tactical exercise, carried out on June 27, in the city of Kraljevo on two locations, Military Police Special Operation “Cobras” operators executed a demonstration of operational capacities, by presenting tactics within VIP close protection tasks and jobs.


A demonstration detail. :

Within the demonstration at Athletic Stadium, elite operators presented tactics within an escort. In practice, escort usually consists of the main vehicle, one or more “S” vehicles, and can often be reinforced with a counter assault team (CAT).

According the demonstration scenario, during the attack on the escort, the main vehicle[1] got damaged and disabled. In a situation like that, one of the possible tactics is a VIP extraction to another, operational vehicle, in order to leave the venue of attack in the shortest time possible. Those are exceptionally risky tactical actions, which tactical justification is reckoned precisely with the impaired movement of the main vehicle, which, as such, becomes a sitting duck — an easy target.

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Within the scenario “Cobras” operators accepted the conflict with the attackers, by setting the 360° perimeter around the main vehicle, in order to prepare the VIP`s extraction. The preparation itself was executed by two operators, armed with HK G36 Commando 5.56 mm assault rifles, with Aimpoint CompM4 red dots, forming a “live shield” to cover a retainer and VIP in extraction, “engaging” the fictional attackers with a barrage fire.

[1] A main vehicle is the one with a VIP.

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