Joint Tactical Exercise of Gendarmerie and The Enforcement of Penal Sanctions Officers

Specialists of the Gendarmerie Belgrade Detachment and officers of the Enforcement of Penal Sanctions carried out a tactical exercise at Ustanička Street, Belgrade, in front of the building of the District Court - Special Section (Srb. Specijalni sud) , on June 29.

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Day and Slava of the Serbian Gendarmerie Honoured

On Wednesday, June 30 2021, a ceremony and a complex tactical display of Gendarmerie units were hosted at the base of the Gendarmerie Novi Sad Detachment, on the occasion of the Day and Slava of the unit.

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Joint Response 2021 Tactical Exercise Successfully Completed

The joint exercise of the elite units of the Serbian and Russian armed forces was completed on May 23, at Orešac Military Range, using live ammo throughout most of the presented sequences.

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Response 2021 Tactical Exercise Successfully Completed

On Saturday, April 17 2021, at two domestic locations — Orešac and Pasuljanske livade military ranges — a broad, complex, joint tactical exercise of the Serbian Armed Forces and Police units was carried out, with most of the sequences conducted using live ammo at both locations.

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New Technicals for 72nd Special Operations Brigade

Operational capacities of the elite 72nd Special Operations Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces have been additionally increased by introducing the new M16 Miloš multi-purpose 4×4 combat-armored vehicles.

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Special Forces
„Position and Role of Special Forces Units in Security System”, Belgrade, 2019.

Police, military-police and military special forces units represent the fiercest element of the executive parts of a security system, standing agaist the most hazardous security threats[1] at a tactical level.

They can be, in general, defined as tactical units, smaller in strength, composed of the specially trained and equipped operational personnel, relatively independent in work, intended for the execution of the most complex tactical tasks from the public institution`s jurisdiction, under which is being organized — commonly ministries. Police units are, as a rule, operational under a ministry of internal affairs, less often military-police ones (the Gendarmerie of the Republic of Serbia, for instance), while military units operate, of course, under a ministry of defense.

Tip of the Spear

The exceptional effectiveness is precisely the consequence of the myriad of specifics of these formations: as smaller in strength they are, as a rule, superbly mobile, being the prerequisite for a quick crisis response, while the special training, equipment and high morale of the personnel are the cornerstone of their reliability and determination in the execution of the most complex tasks.

An effective counteraction of every security threat at a tactical level, requires, above all, a high-quality intelligence support.
Civitas viri sunt, non moenia.

Moreover, the compactness of the personnel, plethora of specialists knowledge, skills and resources give these formations a certain degree of field independence and operational improvisation, which is very important, deeming that modern crisis can be volatile.


Special Anti-terrorist Unit is the tip of the spear of the executive element of the Republic of Serbia`s national security system in fighting terrorism. :

The special forces capacities are, as a rule, particularly focused on fighting terrorism (including both counter-terrorism and anti-terrorism as two separated, but connected areas), organized crime and the relating hostage crisis, suspects high-risk arrests. Specially trained operators are often tasked with the VIP close protection (for example, the Military Police S/O Detachment Cobras specialists protect Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces) and important infrastructure protection, while their special training, gear and professionalism can be effectively used to provide professional assistance to other organizational, tactical formations (for instance, on the occasion of training, or joint engagements), along with rescuing citizens and property in cases of natural disasters.


Hoop 2020 Tactical Exercise Held

On November 19, 2020, a complex joint tactical exercise Hoop 2020 was carried out in...


Serbian SF Operators at Dubai SWAT Challenge 2020

Second consecutive international competition among special forces operators took place this year...


SAJ Day Honored

On December 18 41st anniversary of the elite Special Anti-terrorist Unit was honored. On the occasion...


Gendarmerie Aleksinac Detachment Tactical Exercise

Niš Gendarmerie Detachment received its base for the first time since its foundation, settled in the...


Serbian Gendarmerie Day and Slava Honored

A ceremony and exceptionally dynamic tactical exercise were held at Gendarmerie Belgrade Detachment`s base...


Training Demonstration for Basic Police Training Center Students

Police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) organizational units...

Arms Industry
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First UAV live fire Successfully Completed

Attended by the highest officials of the Ministry of Defense and Serbian Armed Forces, on October 21...


Rocket Launching From H-145M Helicopter Using Domestic Armament

A rocket launching using domestic armament was successfully conducted at Nikinci Testing Ground on December 19...


New Gear for Cobras Operators

Operators of the elite Military Police Special Operation “Cobras” Battalion have recently been introduced...


Another SIG Sauer’s Business Success

At the beginning of September 2019, the well-known company confirmed the contract award for the next generation squad armament...


Ministry of Defence Delegacy Visited the Rostvertol Factory

Serbian Ministry of Defence delegacy visited the Mi-35M helicopter company Rostvertol...


Partner 2019: ninth defence exhibition

This year`s International Defence Exhibition “Partner 2019” is open 25-28 June and...