Within the Serbian Gendarmerie Day and Slava celebration, hosted at detachment`s base in Klisa District in Novi Sad, operators of the Specialist Unit demonstrated a part of their operational capacities, in front of the present guests.


The CAT operators engaging targets. :

In their first demonstration, SPU operators carried out an interception of a passenger vehicle, followed by a dynamic assault in order to arrest suspects in the vehicle. Three Land Rover Defender service vehicles skillfully blocked the direction of vehicle`s movement, creating a favorable situation to execute the dynamic assault. Shortly after stopping the vehicle, pyrotechnics were thrown, namely hand thrown shock grenades - HSB 4P, produced by the Trayal Corporation, from the city of Kruševac, Serbia,[1], in order to attain a tactical advantage before conducting the assault on the vehicle. Six police officers executed the dynamic assault on the vehicle synchronically out of three directions, thus achieving a complete view of the vehicle and immediate surroundings.

Within the third demonstration[2] SPU operators demonstrated a conduction of a dynamic assault on a building. A quick arrival of the two five-member anti-terrorist groups — ATG to a fictional crisis venue was carried out with Land Rover Defender service vehicles.


The ATG in advancing, reinforced with the attack K9. :

In order to attain a tactical advantage over suspects inside the building, the approach of the two ATGs began after completing narrow area blockage around the building, using armored fighting vehicles M15, manufactured by Yugoimport SDPR After arriving to the fictional crisis venue, the two ATGs began advancing to the building from two directions, flanking the main building entrance.

Using ballistic shields as protection, leaders of the groups were defining the directions of movement to the entrance, while other operators were skillfully covering perimeters. When conducting tactical maneuvering actions perimeters are, as a rule, volatile, often numerous, especially in urban surroundings, which complicates operating. An experienced, well-trained special forces operator not only must know the perimeter covering tactics, moreover, one often must anticipate out of which direction, according to circumstances of a certain situation, a threat or an attack could be expected.

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Within the demonstration operators clearly presented a strong focus on given tasks, so the ATG on the west side continued advancing to the entrance when one of the fictional attackers ran out of the building facing the eastern ATG, which repealed by releasing the K9 and attained a control over him after a swift attack, respectively.

[1] It is a grenade with a cylindrical body made of aluminum, charged with pyrotechnic loadings that emit a strong explosion effect. Four charges are being activated by removing the safety ring off the igniter, after which a delay igniter activates and after a 2.5-3.5 seconds period, charges are being ignited causing a traumatic shock effect.
[2] Within the second one VIP close protection group and Counter Assault Team tactics were demonstrated.

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