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#1 Every question has a one correct answer.
#2 Every correct answer gives one point. Incorrect answers are not counted.
#3 It takes 5 or more points to win a reward. The reward[1] is eligible for downloading via the link that will show up bellow the last question, if the required number of points is won.


#1 In its name, the River Saboteurs Company has the number:

a. 80
b. 81
v. 82

#2 The HK G36 Commando system is the main primary 5.56 mm weapon of the:

a. Falcons Special Operations Battalion
b. Griffins Special Operations Battalion
v. Commanding Battalion

#3 The brigade`s day and slava are honored on:

a. September 29
b. January 27
v. February 15

#4 One of the courses completed by a group of the operators in the USA is:

a. US Ranger Course
b. Urban Special Operations Course
v. Low Light Special Operations Course

#5 Protective and ballistic gear for the operators is mostly provided through the:

a. M17 set
b. T16 set
v. T18 set

#6 Tactical uniforms in black wear the:

a. Falcon operators
b. Griffin operators
v. Communication Company operators

[1] An exclusive cellphone background in 1080×1920 px resolution.