A rocket launching using indigenous armament was successfully conducted at Nikinci Testing Ground[1] on December 19, within the final phase of national arms industry systems verification and integration on the H-145M helicopters.


A detal from the rocket launching. : Ministry of Defence

The launch was carried out with unguided rockets, S-8KOM in specific, from a honeycomb-pattern missile rack.


A detal from the rocket launching. : Ministry of Defence

According to the settled obligations from the purchase contract, the German party is to integrate all the constituent parts and equipment, along with the advanced attack and navigation system, whilst the Serbian party is to manufacture and implement the armament.

According to the army colonel Zvonko Marić, from the Planning and Development Department of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, the aforementioned helicopters are to be integrated with national defence industry systems, amongst others, a 12.7 mm machine gun system, along with a 80 mm rocket launcher.

[1] The center was founded on May 3, 1951 under the issue of the Public Defence State Secretary Deputy, as Central Testing Ground of the Ammunition Industry General Directorate.

Reference (the original article is available only in Serbian):
Minister Vulin: Serbian defence industry arms the most modern helicopters, Ministry of Defence. URL (12/19/2019).


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