Operators of the elite Military Police Special Operation “Cobras” Battalion have recently been introduced with a contingent of protective ballistic gear, produced by Yumco ad, from the city of Vranje. We had the privilege to capture the first photos of an operator in the new gear loadout.


The “Cobras” operator wearing the new gear. :

The delivered gear includes a high cut second-generation ballistic helmet, in black matte color, in configuration with side rails, front shroud, black helmet canvas cover with a bungee cord.


The “Cobras” operator wearing the plate carrier. :

Operators received protective ballistic vests in black, along with plate carriers in the same color, of a minimalist design — the movement of a carrier, as a primary goal, has been increased at the expense of the carrier`s size and weight, whilst ballistic protection is limited to vital organs only. In line with these, various pouches and bags were delivered, of course, compatible with the MOLLE system, along with ballistic plates.

Tactical belts have been delivered also in black, with the MOLLE system.

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