Operational capacities of the elite 72nd Special Operations Brigade of the Serbian Armed Forces have been additionally increased by introducing the new M16 Miloš multi-purpose 4×4 combat-armored vehicles.


A detail from the handover of the vehicles. : Ministry of Defence

The handover of 10 M16 Miloš, manufactured by the national Yugoimport SDPR company, was carried out at the elite unit`s barracks — Rastko Nemanjić, in Pančevo, in the presence of the highest Ministry and Serbian Armed Forces officials.

According to the present officials and officers, these vehicles will have multiply improved the counter terrorist and counterinsurgency capacities of the unit, as well as personnel transport and fire support.


The M16 Miloš 4×4 vehicles. : Ministarstvo odbrane

Investment in specialized technicals of the special operations units is a common and positive practice throughout the world, especially in the case of systems being products of a domestic arms industry.

Ten new “Miloš” armoured combat vehicles for 72nd Brigade, Ministry of Defence. URL (1/18/2021).


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