This year`s International Defence Exhibition “Partner 2019” is open 25-28 June and is being hosted at halls 1 and 4 of the Belgrade Fair, as well as in the open space in front of the Hall 1.


The systems exhibited at the Benelli Armi Spa booth. :

The sponsor of the Partner 2019 Exhibition is the Serbian Ministry of Defence, Yugoimport SDPR, company that honors 70th anniversary in this year, is the co-organizer, whilst the executive organizer is Belgrade Fair. At this year`s fair 128 exhibitors are presenting, 96 of whom are from the Republic of Serbia.

The handover of the first H-1145M helicopter to the Air Force and Air Defence of the Serbian Armed Forces marked this year`s fair opening. It is important to underline that on the same occasion executive director of the Airbus Helicopters company presented the Gazela helicopters maintenance certificate to the Aeronautical Institute “Moma Stanojlović”.

The main goal of the fair is armament and military gear presentation, manufactured by the domestic and foreign companies, establishing the business and scientific cooperation relations, experience exchange among experts in the area, as well as creating a positive atmosphere to initiate cooperation and understanding.

Amongst Serbian exhibitors central place belonged to the Yugoimport SDPR company. A myriad of systems is presented, such as ALAS missile system, built for engaging moving and stationary land and water targets, self-propelled howitzer NORA B-52, in 155 mm caliber, modernized 4×4 M-11, M-15 combat-armored vehicles (CAV) in different configurations[1], multi-purpose 8×8 vehicles from the Lazar series in different models and configurations, amongst which particularly interesting is the one with anti-tank missile system RALAS, that is equipped with two platforms with 4 containers each. The system is primarily used against tanks, armored vehicles, fortifications and enemy commanding posts, and can be mounted onto helicopters, armored vehicles and smaller vessels. Always interesting is the multi-purpose armored combat vehicle 4×4 M-16 Miloš, being exhibited with a remotely controlled weapon station.

Manufacturing programs are being presented by Zastava Arms, Prvi Partizan Ltd, PPT-namenska Ltd, Yumco AD, Teleoptik žiroskopi Ltd, Trayal Corporation AD, Sova Night Vision Systems Ltd, Horus Ltd, Demax Ltd and many others. It is continuously crowded in front of the TRB AD booth, a company from Bratunac, The Republic of Srpska, with RS9 Vampire semi-auto handguns and multi-purpose Despot armored vehicle especially popular.


The semi-auto RS9 Vampir handgun, 9 mm. :

Various gear sets are presented at the Yumco AD booth, among which, the set delivered to the Gendarmerie units, as well as T-18[2], protective ballistic equipment, delivered to the Special Brigade units, including High Cut IIIA protection level tactical helmet, IV protection level (Stand Alone) plate carrier, ballistic goggles, protective ballistic crouch and tactical belt, along with other tactical accessories.

Demax Ltd presented high-end systems of the most famous manufactures, such as SIG Sauer, Steyr Arms, Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod, so the visitors can see a very attractive Steyr SSG M1 in .30 Win caliber, along with automatic rifles from the SIG 516 series, in G2 and Patrol FDE models, both in 5.56 mm NATO, MPX in 9 mm and MCX in 5.56 mm systems, semi-auto handgun CZ P-07 and others. DroneGun Tactical system is especially interesting and of an unusual design, made by the DroneShield Ltd company, used for attaining control over drones and their forced landings.

This year`s Zastava Arms pallet is richer for a modular automatic rifle M-17 system, designed for two rifle calibers – 7.62×39 mm and 6.5×39 mm Grendel.


Details at the Horus Ltd booth. :

A very pleasant surprise at Partner 2019 certainly is the Tactix program, presented for the first time by Horus Ltd. It is a program created for professional law and military personnel, special forces primarily. These products are being created according the highest standards in the world, therefore it is not a surprise that they combine some of the best designs in the world at the moment, unduly overlooked in the region. For instance, N-1 plate carrier, made from Cordura 5000 materiel, is fitted with 2M ROC/80 Quick Release System. Besides plate carriers, the program enlists tactical pants, such as P-5 SCP, P-6 Spec Ops, P-2EVO, combat shirts in various models, tactical jackets, backpacks and other. The same producer is the official LOWA footwear distributor for the Republic of Serbia, therefore fans of this brand can familiarize with many exhibited models and their features.

This year`s fair has enlisted some of the most well-known names amongst foreign manufactures, confirming the reputation of the fair internationally. The visitors are able to inform about high-end reflex sights, made by Aimpoint AB, many of which are well known and broadly used in the Republic of Serbia, Safran Vectronix ag systems, Safran Electronicx and Defense, Surefire LLC, Wiley X Emea LLC, combat shotguns with a fantastic reputation, made by the Italian Benelli Armi Spa company, as well as sniper rifles of a superb quality, manufactured by Sako Ltd from Finland. The Finish producer presented bolt action systems TRG 22 A1, M10, as well as TIKKA T3x TAC A1.

[1] In the open space, in front of the Hall 1, visitors can familiarize with the CAV traits being used at Gendarmerie units, as well as Special Anti-terrorist Unit (SAU).
[2] Most of the set`s element are made in digital camouflage pattern M-10, whilst several, such as tactical gloves, in a shade of green.

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