Attended by the highest officials of the Ministry of Defense and Serbian Armed Forces, on October 21, 2020, at Nikinci Weapons and Military Equipment Testing Centre, the first live firing at ground objectives from CH-92A remotely operated unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).


A detal from the live fire. : Ministry of Defence

The procurement of the mentioned Chinese-made systems is one of the many confirmations of the excellent bilateral relations between Belgrade and Beijing, as well as close cooperation in the area of security. The fact that this procurement has included the know-how, which will be very important for the development of the national defense industry, especially the drone program, is especially significant.

Live-fire was carried out with a semi-active laser-guided FT-8C air-to-ground rocket.

In addition to engaging the ground targets, remotely operated CH-92A UAVs are suitable for aerial reconnaissance tasks, accurate determination of ground objectives` coordinates, targets automatic tracking, targets laser designation etc.

According to the army colonel Zvonko Marić, from the Planning and Development Department of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, the aforementioned helicopters are to be integrated with national defence industry systems, amongst others, a 12.7 mm machine gun system, along with a 80 mm rocket launcher.

Minister Vulin at the first CH-92A unmanned aerial vehicle live-fire testing, Ministry of Defence. URL (21/10/2020).


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