On Saturday, April 17 2021, at two domestic locations — Orešac and Pasuljanske livade military ranges — a broad, complex, joint tactical exercise of the Serbian Armed Forces and Police units was carried out, with most of the sequences conducted using live ammo at both locations.


A detail from the exercise. :

We had the opportunity to follow a demonstration of part of operational capacities of the joint forces at the Orešac training ground, where the first part of the Response 2021 exercise was completed.

Around 300 specially trained operators of the Armed Forces and Police, from the 72nd Special Operations Brigade, 63rd Parachute Brigade, Serbian Armed Forces Air Force and Air Defence, as well as the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit, have participated in completion of tactical tasks within the “Terrorist Group Destruction and Hostage Rescue” theme.


The 72nd Special Operations Brigade specialists during the demonstration. :

A very dynamic demonstration included actions on land, water and in air, through a total of 5 sequences and significant engagement of the combat and non-combat equipment — 8 aircrafts, 22 combat vehicles, 7 boats, two UAVs.

Watch the exclusive video from the tactical exercise on our YouTube channel .

The present had the opportunity to witness skilled actions of special forces insertions into a water surface — carried out by specialists from the 82nd River Saboteurs Company of the 72nd Special Operations Brigade, area blockage and an attractive tactics in attacking terrorist forces, swift completion of shooting stages and special operations tactical tasks, demonstrating an overwhelming firepower and a superb coordination amongst the specially trained military and police operators.


A moment before a touch & go quick landing. :

Air insertions, or vertical landings, were especially attractive, performed in order to introduce special forces teams into the area of interest, such as fast rope technique and touch & go landing in which an aircraft transporting a smaller tactical force — between 4 and 8 SF operators — quickly lands, allowing a swift disembark and ascends as soon as the last operator leaves the aircraft. This technique has recently become used to a broader volume, thanks to the recently purchased H-145M helicopters.

For the needs of the demonstration, the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit`s operators wore two-piece tactical uniforms, in DPM camo pattern, produced by Arktis, 5.11 TacTec in TAC OD green-shade colour plate carriers, high cut helmets, purchased from different manufacturers and LOWA Zephyr GTX MID TF tactical boots in varios models. For shooting requirements operators chose 9 mm submachine guns, mostly the MP5 series models, as well as the SIG 516 CQB 5.56 mm automatic rifles.


A detail from a hostage rescue sequence. :

Specialists from the 72nd Special Operations Brigade chose two-piece tactical uniforms with the M-10 camo pattern, produced by Yumco ad, along with gear from the T-18 protective ballistic gear set, delivered by the same producer and being mostly used at the elite unit of the Serbian Armed Forces, in combination with various LOWA tactical boots. For their primaries, depending their engagements within the demonstration, the operators trusted the HK UMP 9 mm submachine guns, FN SCAR and HK G36 Commando systems, both in 5.56 mm, as well as the FN Minimi machine guns in the same caliber.

The Response 2021 exercise is unique in volume and complexity in joint activities of the Serbian Armed Forces and Police so far, and certainly is a practice that should be continued in the future.

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