A ceremony and exceptionally dynamic tactical exercise were held at Gendarmerie Belgrade Detachment`s base, honoring the Gendarmerie Day and slava.


The specialist armed with SIG 516 CQB, in 5.56 mm caliber. :

In the morning hours on Monday, July 1, the day and slava ceremony began with echelons lineup and national anthem intonation, followed by the speech of the Gendarmerie commander, Police General Dejan Luković.

In a very appropriate speech the commander saluted the present, especially family members and relatives of the deceased colleagues.

Underlining a vast professional responsibility of the Gendarmerie officers whilst carrying out given tasks and jobs, the commander, among others, mentioned an important impact of the implemented modernizations, all of which will positively affect operational capacities of the entire unit and aid the stand against future forms of security threats.

Tactical exercise was participated by the operators of all four detachments, accompanied by the Helicopter Unit officers.

The exercise began with a drill (Srb. egzercir) performed by the Belgrade Detachment Intervention Company officers. Gendarmes wearing formal uniforms performed the egzercir movements flawlessly simultaneously, with a well-known hitting sound of a semi-auto M-59 rifle stock onto a concrete, along with swift orders of their commander. The display was especially interesting for the youngest ones present at the ceremony.

After the egzercir, the present had a chance to watch a Gendarmerie patrol tactics whilst stopping a road vehicle and overcoming the active attackers from the vehicle. According the exercise scenario, four men from the stopped vehicle had disobeyed the orders on the spot and attacked the Gendarmerie police officers. The present were amazed with a flying kick through a windshield of a moving car, performed by a gendarm while stopping the second vehicle and passengers arrest. This kind of tactics, of course, was deemed in order to increase the amusement of the display, while in a real situation is a very unlikely to happen.


A demonstration of public order restitution tactics was carried out pretty realistically. :

The next display was very dynamic and realistic, carried out by the largest number of operators. Bearing it in mind, a disruption of public order was imitated, during which gendarmes isolated a bigger group of hooligans who, under the exercise scenario, had tried to breach the Gendarmerie cordons and free the arrested ones from the previous display. In this demonstration the present were able to watch a use of a German Shepherd attack K9 (so-called working line breed), as well as flame extinguishing on a gendarm whose gear “gone ablaze”, after a Molotov cocktail fell near. Equally interesting was a use of a specialized vehicle with a water cannon mounted whilst dispersing the hooligans.

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Following were eight operators in black overalls who demonstrated various combat formations, close combat use of the Zastava M-70 AB1 rifle, as well as Krav Maga techniques.

The last and most dynamic part of the exercise carried out Gendarmerie specialists and Helicopter unit officers. According the scenario, armed terrorists had attacked Gendarmerie forces. One of them, using a cover, “struck” the Gendarmerie vehicle with a RPG “M-80”, in 64 mm caliber, so the present, among others, had the opportunity to watch the wounded extraction tactics and tactical medicine actions in combat surrounding. According the demonstration scenario, Gendarmerie forces accepted the conflict with the terrorists, engaging their positions with different rifle systems, such as 7.62 mm Kalashnikovs, Colt M4 A4 Commando, along with SIG 516 CQB, both in 5.56 mm NATO caliber. In the second part of the same demonstration, a building breaching tactics was performed out of two directions, in coaction with combat armored vehicle 4×4 M-11, produced by Yugoimport SDPR and armored transporter 8×8, from Lazar series, made by the same producer.


The advancing ATG use the CAV as cover. :

A part of the assault forces, seven specialists, had previously executed an insertion by air, out of a heli, performing fast rope and approached the building from the west, using a tactical ballistic shield, while the second ground team, with six operators in strength, approached the “building” using the M-11 as a cover, with a supporter on its top who fired short bursts using the mounted Zastava M-84 7.62×54 mm R light machine gun. The synchronized dynamic breach was executed using an explosive frame with a detonating stick that activates electronically, along with planting an improvised device with a plastic explosive which activates non-electronically[1]. The display ended with this sequence, whilst the whole exercise got completed with a descend of a climbing specialist who displayed the national flag and spread the Gendarmerie flag, along with three operators.

At a tactical assemblage area the present were able to learn about the gear and equipment used at Gendarmerie units, whilst the youngest Gendarmerie Judo club competitors performed learned skills.

[1] The amount of explosive is determined by the supposed features of an obstacle that needs to be breached with a directed force.

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