On Wednesday, June 30 2021, a ceremony and a complex tactical display of Gendarmerie units were hosted at the base of the Gendarmerie Novi Sad Detachment, on the occasion of the Day and Slava of the unit.


Specialists demonstrating attack on the occupied building. :

The ceremony began with a line-up of Gendarmerie units` echelons and the Flag Platoon, carrying the state flag, with the following speech by the commander of the unit, Police General Dejan Luković, greeting the present, especially families of the deceased colleagues, as well as the retired officers of the unit.

Tradition is a very important part of every serious unit`s identity. It strengthens the sense of belonging, collective moral, as well as a status of a unit and its operators in a domestic society. Remembering the retired and those who are no longer with us is a small token of gratitude and respect for their deeds and their families.

The former and the present commanders of the Serbian Gendarmerie. :

After a ceremony of certificates of appreciation and awards given to the retired police officers, chiefs, representatives of other services and units, including local government officials, a dynamic part of the ceremony started, opened by experienced paratroopers, Police Lieutenant Colonel Ivanović from Gendarmerie Aleksinac Detachment (with 3182 registered jumps), and Police Lieutenant Colonel Šćepanović from the Gendarmerie Command (with 391 jumps), landing the state flag and the flag of the unit, respectively, landing on a narrow drop zone, jumping from 1200 meters altitude, using the wing parachutes.

The next were kids from karate and judo clubs Gendarmerie, proudly demonstrating skills learned, with the last part of the martial arts display performed by Gendarmerie operators.

Watch the exclusive video from the tactical exercise on our YouTube channel .

The most dynamic part of the ceremony regarded to a complex tactical exercise themed with a rebellion in a prison complex, carried out by SF operators from all four Gendarmerie detachments, in cooperation with the Helicopter Unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The exercise consisted of several phases in which various Gendarmerie operational capacities have been demonstrated. The present were able to see a tactics on the occasion of repelling an attack on the VIP and extraction from the attack venue, with the CAT support, followed by various tactics conducted when restituting public order disrupted to a higher volume, most of which have been demonstrated in pretty realistic displays.


CAT supporting the extraction of the VIP from the attack venue. :

According the exercise scenario, convicts have overpowered two security guards while retreating into the building, taking them hostage and have breached into a firearm room, taking control of the entire building.

The attack forces consisted of mixed teams and groups of all four Gendarmerie detachments. The attack tactics was, of course, modified to the requirements of a public presentation, considering the presence of kids among the viewers, as well as characteristics of the base itself where the exercise was carried out.

Bearing in mind the aforementioned facts, our opinion is that today`s display is one of the most realistic that we attended by far, especially when deeming the special forces introduction into the area of interest. h5>

In specific, the teams and groups have been deployed quickly by air and by land. Besides fast rope, the special forces operators demonstrated the touch & go fast helicopter landings, for the first time publicly, by landing on two spots on the roof of the occupied building.


A detail during the dynamic breach. :

The ground attack has been carried out through several dynamic breaches through windows and a „wall” of the building. At first, two reinforced teams, supported with Lazar multi-purpose 8×8 armored vehicles, synchronously breached through windows at two sides of the building, using explosive frames and breaching platforms, as well as through the main entrance into the building. Then, according to the scenario, the next breach has been carried out into the ground floor using an active explosive charge, in form of plastic explosive tapes, being an efficient method of breaching through concrete and metal obstacles, considering its destructive power. Due to the occasion requirements, the breach was performed through doors, instead of a real wall.

Then, the convicts had retreated to the first floor, according to the scenario, and blocked the stairways, therefore the next attack phase carried out on the first-floor premises: one anti-terrorist group executed a dynamic breach through a window on the first floor, using an explosive frame and over a special platform mounted onto a special vehicle, whilst the four-member climbing group performed a vertical breach through a window at the opposite side of the building.


A detal from the dynamic breach through the window on the first floor. :

With the hostage release and taking control of the entire building, a triage of the convicts has been demonstrated in front of the building, leading the demonstration to the end.

The present then attended the tactical-technical assemblage, using the opportunity to socialize with operators, K9s, as well as to learn about gear and armament being used at Gendarmerie units.

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