On the occasion of National Assembly Board for Security Services Control and Board for Defense and Internal Affairs members, operators of the Gendarmerie Novi Sad Detachment carried out a dynamic tactical exercise.


A preparation detail. :

The guests from Belgrade were hosted by the commander of the unit, Police General Dejan Luković, as well as high officers of the Novi Sad Detachment, with commander Luković giving a short presentation afterwards, on the history, purpose and present capacities of the Serbian Gendarmerie.


Youngsters. :

The youngest operators of the detachment, aged 19 to 22, carried out a synchronized demonstration, performing Krav Maga and automatic rifle manipulation techniques.

Most of the tactical demonstration was executed by operators of the specialist company, with tactics and dynamics especially adapted for the guests to follow as best as possible all the attractive actions that operators carried out skillfully. The exercise was carried out on a theme of prison riot.

Throughout the phases of the tactical demonstration, the guests were able to see tactics of a close protection group repelling an attack on the VIP, with a CAT engagement being very thrilling. The specialists, of course, used blanks.


Assault team advancing. :

While demonstrating surrounding tactics and attack on an occupied building, the guests had the opportunity to see a co-action of ground teams and specialized vehicles of various types, release of a cute, but highly trained attack K9 — Belgian Shepherd Malinois, dynamic breaches using breaching platforms, as well as a descend of the three-man climbing group.

With the successful completion of the demonstration, the hosts walked the guests through a tactical and technical assembly, familiarizing them with gear held at Gendarmerie units.

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