Specialists of the Gendarmerie Belgrade Detachment and officers of the Enforcement of Penal Sanctions carried out a tactical exercise at Ustanička Street, Belgrade, in front of the building of the District Court — Special Section (Srb. Specijalni sud) , on June 29.


A detail from accepting a conflict with attackers who had blocked the road track. :

In the presence of state policymakers and top officers of the unit, a total of 47 officers carried out a very dynamic exercise, themed with repelling an attack on escort.

The goal of the exercise related to analysis of the present operating capacities, as well as joint action practice between officers of the two ministries at a tactical level.

The participants demonstrated tactics when accepting a conflict in case of an enemy ambush attack, providing medical assistance to a wounded on site, and high-speed driving in formation at the very end.


Specialists, operating as binomials, accepting a conflict with attackers. :

The presented tactics were, of course, modified according to the environment of the exercise, as well as for an increased attraction for the present.

The specialists of the Gendarmerie Belgrade Detachment have demonstrated high operating capacities and ability to effectively react in a crisis like this, carrying out the most of the tactical actions in binomials.

Bearing in mind the dynamics of the demonstration, it was pleasing to the eye to notice a high level of binomials` coordination, especially in tactical movement, including their individual skills in firearm handling and the like, shortly, they had been operating at the expected level.

Blanks were used during the demonstration, of course, with an especially attractive moment regarding to the arrival of the counter assault team and loud roaring of the Zastava M84 7.62×54 R barrel, manned by a fire-support specialist from a trunk of a Toyota Land Cruiser SUV.


Specialists, operating as binomials, accepting a conflict with attackers. :

The specialists wore two-piece tactical uniforms in black, from several manufacturers and other formation gear. The quality SIG 516 systems in different versions — being the main primary 5.56 mm armament at specialist companies — were dominant in the primary-weapon category, all in 5.56 mm, mostly with the Aimpoint PRO red dots mounted, along with tactical flashlights in the FAB PLA-1 adapters and some sort of a grip/undergrip accessory. The impression on the high-end and modern armament being at Gendarmerie units` disposal was diminished by the MICH 2002 helmets in a shade of green camouflage colour, which noticeably deviated from the dominant black colour of the gear of specialist units, including the obsolete CGF Gallet S.A. helmets, peaking in popularity back in the nineties, along with the old ballistic vests/body armors produced by a national company. The mentioned gear simply do not correspond to the status, nor reputation of the Serbian Gendarmerie, especially its most elite units.


A detail from the line-up after the exercise. :

After the expected successful completion of the tactical exercise, the present policymakers and officials praised the level of the officers` training, underlining the importance of cooperation development between the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Serbia, especially joint training at a tactical level.

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