Niš Gendarmerie Detachment received its base for the first time since its foundation, settled in the former military barracks in the city of Aleksinac. On that occasion, on November 13, 2019, a ceremony was organized within the new base, during which a dynamic and very complex tactical exercise was carried out, in front of the attendants.


A breach using an explosive frame with a detonating fuse stick and a breaching platform. :

At the presence of state officials, guests and interested citizens, gendarmes demonstrated a series of operational capacities, whilst the central place of the ceremony was given to the compound tactical exercise, carried out by the detachment`s specialist company operators, ones from the Gendarmerie Specialized Vehicles Unit, as well as colleagues from the Helicopter Unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The new base is to be organized within the vast surface of 17 hectares, but until the ceremony about 4300 m2 was renewed and adapted. A significant improvement of the base is planned for the upcoming year, primarily through new training infrastructure.

Scenario`s tactical suppositions related to an armed terrorist group which occupied several buildings and planned explosive devices in the immediate area. In the first phase of the exercise the present were able to watch the usage of a tracker K9, Belgian shepherd — Malinois, during a counter-diversion inspection. During a tactical patrol simulation, the K9 founded and marked the position of a planted explosive device. In a crossfire with the terrorists from the occupied building, Gendarmerie police officers were reinforced with combat-armored vehicles. It was especially attractive to watch the breaching of a road blockage, when the crew in the armored 8×8 armored transporter Lazar 3 stomped a road vehicle, used to simulate road blockage.


The Lazar 3 crew overcoming the improvised road blockage. :

Simultaneously, using the M15A CAV as a cover, a ground support team was protecting the quick air insertion — fast rope, off the two helicopters. After the descend and perimeter setup, the assault forces quickly regrouped and dynamic breach was performed using an explosive frame with a detonating fuse stick and breaching platform. At the same time, the supporting forces who had been protecting the insertion, quickly approached the second building, using the CAV as a cover. After the attractive wall breaching with improvised ram, mounted on the vehicle, one ATG with a tactical ballistic shield breached into the building.

According to the exercise scenario, several terrorists tried to escape by a truck, so the present saw attractive tactics during the truck blockage and suspect arrest. The hijacked truck was simultaneously stopped from three directions, while three operators jumped in the trailer from a platform on a moving vehicle and overpowered one of the terrorists. It was especially thrilling to see driver`s doors being ripped off with a special treble hook on a string, followed by a leap of an attack K9 who had marked the driver.


The extraction of a “wounded”. :

After the arrest of the fugitives, gendarmes demonstrated a quick extraction of a wounded, by an external string winch on a helicopter, pulling up the “wounded” and rescuer at the same time, protected by the ground team in all-around defense formation. Operators were using service armament and gear. As primary, various systems, such as Zastava M70 AB1 in 7.62 mm, Colt M4 A4 Commando, SIG 516 CQB, both in 5.56 mm, light machineguns Zastava M84, chambered in 7.62×54 mm R, along with 9 mm Austrian Glock 17s, as a dominant sidearm.

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The demonstration was completed with an overflight of the Airbus H145M helicopters, recently delivered to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, along with for detachment`s specialists hanging in a “grape” [1] formation with flags of the Republic of Serbia and Gendarmerie.

After the demonstration, the interested ones visited a tactical-technical assemblage, showing the systems in testing and ones introduced to the service use.

[1] The mentioned formation is used for quick extraction of the ground forces whenever helicopter landing is not tactically reasonable. During the extraction, all the operators use the same rope.

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