During the Shield 2015 joint tactical exercise, which was successfully carried out in Belgrade by specially trained operators of the Serbian Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense organizational units, police officers of the Gendarmerie Belgrade Detachment, Gendarmerie Diving Unit demonstrated a part of their operational capacities by executing a dynamic assault on an occupied coastal building.


A preparation detail. :

Tactical suppositions of the training activity related to a group of terrorists, all of whom were armed with automatic firearms and occupied one coastal building in order to organize a defensive perimeter. In accordance with the ongoing legal procedure Gendarmerie Belgrade Detachment Specialist Unit was activated in order to resolve the crisis, in terms of terrorists arrest or destroy.

The position of the occupied building, as well as the immediate terrain configuration were not in favor for the police officers. Namely, in order to approach by land, the operators had to descend down the mound, with only one path leading to the building from the land. In a case of a real situation, those circumstances would have demanded a different action tactics from the demonstrated ones, which were modified for the needs of the demonstration attraction.


The compact Colt M4 A4 Commando 5,56 mm systems, as the primary armament of the specialists. :

Sixteen specially trained operators of the specialist unit, organized in two groups, used two light-armored combat vehicles HUMMER as a cover while approaching the building. Previously, sniping specialist took positions at multiple places in the immediate surroundings, in order to observe the vicinity and provide a cover for the anti-terrorist groups in advancing. Specialists wore sniper camouflage suits on the occasion, produced by Mile Dragić and chose SIG 716s in 7.62×51 mm NATO, as well as Steyr Tactical Elite, chambered in .308 Winchester.


The operators using light-armored vehicles as cover, whilst approaching a building. :

In order to attain the advantage over the terrorists, within the exercise scenario it was deemed for the assault to be carried out by river as well, simultaneously with the land forces. The main part of the river attacking forces consisted of Gendarmerie Diving Unit operators, while two diving specialists, equipped with autonomous diving apparatus with a closed breathing circuit and HK MP5 submachine guns in 9 mm, seamlessly approached the occupied building tasked to aid the breach.


Smoke grenades were used in order to cover the advancing forces. :

The land forces approach was carried out under a smoke screen, while additional ballistic protection of the operators was achieved by using hand ballistic shields, along with large ballistic shields fitted on a platform with wheels. Advancing groups were supported by a specialist from one of the arrived vehicles, handling a mounted Zastava M84 7.62×54 mm R light machine gun, tasked to provide immediate fire support by engaging terrorists` positions, eventually.

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The viewers had a chance to see a superb training of the Gendarmerie police officers, along with a high synchronization of the tactical actions, therefore the plan to attack the building by land and river synchronically, within the exercise scenario, was met. After the attack had been completed, an extraction of a fictive wounded was demonstrated, along with a fictive counter diversion inspection of the building and immediate surroundings, using a tracker K9 Belgian shepherd malinois breed, while an EOD handling specialist wore Med-Eng EOD 8 demining suit on the occasion.

During the exercise SPU operators used formational gear and systems. Police officers organized as land forces wore two-piece tactical uniforms produced by Mile Dragić in Dragon Tactical cut. As for the ballistic gear, operators wore formational ballistic vests (body armor type) of the same producer, along with GF Gallet S.A ballistic helmets C, in black. For their primary operators chose Colt M4 A4 Commando 5.56 mm rifles, in a configuration with UTG telescopic buttstocks and CAA Picatinny rails with Aimpoint CompML2 and ML3 red dot sights mounted, as well as CAA FGA assault handgrips, with CAA TC1 tactical lights fitted. As for their sidearms, operators chose semi-auto Glock 17 Gen 3 handguns, holstered in BLACKHAWK! Serpa Tactical Level 3 tactical holsters.

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