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#1 Every question has a one correct answer.
#2 Every correct answer gives one point. Incorrect answers are not counted.
#3 It takes 5 or more points to win a reward. The reward[1] is eligible for downloading via the link that will show up bellow the last question, if the required number of points is won.


#1 The IPSC Cobras Practical Shooting Club was founded in:

a. 2000
b. 2002
v. 2003

#2 In the Dubai SWAT Challenge 2020 competition final standings, Cobras team won the:

a. 5th place
b. 17th place
v. 23rd place

#3 The red dot sights for the unit have been purchased from:

a. EOTech
b. Trijicon
v. Aimpoint AB

#4 Head ballistic protection is achieved with helmets from:

a. Ops-Core
b. Yumco ad
v. Mile Dragić

#5 In the submachine guns category, most models are from:

a. Heckler & Koch
b. FN Herstal
v. SIG Sauer

#6 The Cobras operational personnel is organized into:

a. Battalions
b. Companies
v. Departments

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