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#1 Every question has a one correct answer.
#2 Every correct answer gives one point. Incorrect answers are not counted.
#3 It takes 5 or more points to win a reward. The reward[1] is eligible for downloading via the link that will show up bellow the last question, if the required number of points is won.


#1 The Instructor Team was established during:

a. 2012
b. 2013
v. 2014

#2 The Specialist Team consists of:

a. 4 groups
b. 5 groups
v. 6 groups

#3 The main primary 5.56 weapon of the operators are systems:

a. HK 416 D14. 5RS
b. Colt M4 A1
v. SIG 516 CQB

#4 The semi-auto CZ 99 handguns are usually used at SAJ for:

a. selection and basic training
b. actions in urban environment
v. breaking car windows

#5 The main precision rifles being used are:

a. Steyr Tactical Elite
b. Barret M95
v. Sako TRG 22/42

#6 The main plate carriers being used manufactures:

a. Yugoimport SDPR
b. Mile Dragić
v. 5.11

[1] An exclusive cellphone background in 1080×1920 px resolution.