A complex, dynamic tactical exercise Gruža 2022 was held on Friday, July 22, at the Gruža Lake. The exercise was carried out by operators of Gendarmerie specialist units, officers of the Helicopter Unit, as well as of the Police Department of the city of Kragujevac.


A detail from the dam`s wall. :

More than 200 operators demonstrated attractive land, water and air actions, with tactics, of course, being adapted for guests and media. A broader use of specialized technics, such as combat-armored vehicles M11, M15, both with 4×4, along with Lazarus 3 8×8, all with remotely controlled weapon stations, light-armored HUMMER with 30 mm automatic grenade launcher mounted, Defenders, as well as quads, including the H145M and Gazelle helicopters, with Gendarmerie Diving Unit resources being used for aquatic actions — two multi-purpose Zodiac boats, as well as the Premax boat, manufactured by Yugoimport SDPR.

The exercise carried out with themed on an attack on critical infrastructure by an armed terrorist group, in specific — infrastructure on the lake`s dam, occupied by a group with 25-30 armed terrorist in strength, in order to demolish the dam itself, as well as to disrupt the electric power system of the Republic of Serbia. Exercise`s officer in charge was Gendarmerie commander`s deputy, Police Colonel Boro Gladović.

The exercise`s very dynamic scenario was divided into five phases, starting with a broader surroundings blockage, according to intel on number and placement of the enemy forces, and in accordance with the field configuration in the immediate surroundings. The first sequence presented actions of the Diving Unit specialists — first, a diving par, using autonomous diving systems (with oxygen closed breathing circuit), approached an improvised building on water surface underwater and undetected, neutralizing terrorists, with diving teams engaging terrorists from advancing boats, giving an advantage to the main attacking forces. Two sniper pairs were providing support to the divers all the time.


Climbing specialist taking a position on the dam`s wall. :

The exercise`s complexity as well as high training of the special forces could be noticed in many situations during which assault groups and teams had been swiftly and coordinately conducting special actions in different environments, such as fast rope, taking and securing a perimeter on the dam`s wall and then swiftly descending using alpine ropes[1] and conducting dynamic breaches, using explosive frames and ballistic shields.


Fast rope insertion. :

With the assault teams swiftly completing breaches, a counter-diversion inspection of the dam was demonstrated. The inspections were carried out by Gendarmerie counter-diversion specialists, using specialized technique and gear, as well as specially trained K9s.

Our friend and an experienced specialists from the Niš Gendarmerie Detachment, points out that:

Dynamics, coordination, team communication and fire control left the most positive impressions.

On the occasion, Gendarmerie operators used common service gear. Special forces wore two-piece camouflage uniforms, in digital rural camo, specially developed for the Gendarmerie units, in Dragon Tactical cut. As for their primaries, various systems were seen, with divers operating underwater with HK 9 mm submachine guns, and specialists in boats with compact Colt M4 A4 Commando in 5.56 mm. Teams within the main attack forces operating on the dam and in the rural area before the dam, were armed with the SIG 516 systems, in CQB and Patrol models, both in 5.56 mm, as well as with the Zastava M05 E3 7.62×39 mm rifles. Operators also wore recently introduced protective ballistic gear — black ballistic vests and helmets, produced by Yumco ad.

The ballistic helmets left a bad impression, primarily because of the obviously wrong sizes and a bad fastening system. Moreover, the helmets of that design are simply impractical for the special forces operators, with ear protection being useless. The high cut option, developed by the same producer, would be much more appropriate (and attractive), due to, among other things, use of the Peltor system, which is aggravated with the mentioned helmets, even unmanageable.

The guests were introduced with a tactical-technical assemblage after the exercise.

[1] The dam`s wall in these positions is 51 meters high!

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